We fight tooth and nail to deliver MONSTROUS results for our clients.

From tech-savvy web developers and creative designers, to clever wordsmiths and everything in between, our team of top digital marketers works tirelessly to create ferocious solutions for your brand online. Our dino-mite digital tribe is ready to work with you and sink our teeth into a marketing strategy that revolves around one goal: maximizing your brand’s ROI.

We are Orlando's most ferocious digital marketing agency.

Our team of ferocious digital marketers

meet our tribe

Johnny H.

Chief Zilla

The ferocious CEO and founder of Designzillas, Johnny is the dino-mite ringleader who helps make the company thrive. He’s passionate about building strong partnerships with clients, helping brands maximize their potential and, of course, anything dinosaur-related.

Johnny H

Gina L.

Director of Production

With operational integrity, meticulous planning, and rock and roll on her mind at all times, Gina works hard to turn a client's vision into detailed plans that can be executed across all production teams with efficiency and high quality. Outside the office, you'll find her volunteering at the local animal shelter or playing guitar for her band.

Gina L

Kathryn H.

Director of Client Partnerships

With 10 years of experience in destination management, Kat creates the method behind our madness! As Director of Client Partnerships, she ensures that our client partners receive the best experience for their brand, goals, and identify current challenges and specific paths to better engage with customers online.

Kathryn H

Lisette O.

Office Manager

Lisette is the Zilla that keeps the Designzillas office running like a well-oiled machine. From expense management and scheduling, to greeting guests with a smile and more, she helps keep clients happy, team members well-equipped, and a candy bowl filled with tasty treats.

Lisette O

Amanda W.

Project Manager

As an Agile expert and kung fu instructor, our Project Manager Amanda kicks our production team into shape! Her strategy, teamwork and communication skills combine to create one ferocious Zilla. (Oh, and she knows Chinese. NBD.)

Amanda Wang Project Manager

Maddie D.

Account Manager

Maddie is an Account Manager with a singing voice that packs a punch! When she's not impressing us with her efficiency and enthusiasm for all things client relations, you can probably find her rewatching Despicable Me for the zillionth time.

Maddie D

Gage H.

Digital Strategist

Gage speaks fluent Google Analytics, SEMRush, Moz and Hotjar. He analyzes performance, looks for improvement opportunities, and creates amazing strategies for our clients. He plays guitar/bass, loves horror movies, and considers Halloween Horror Nights his second home!

Gage H

Angela E.

Project Manager

Always down to try new cuisines and explore in nature, Angela is our Project Manager with a passion for organization, efficiency and teamwork! In her spare time, you may find her with her nose in a new comic book and a hot cup of coffee in hand.

Angela E

Sarah S.

Account Manager

Sarah is a fun-loving account manager with the best combos of pink hair styles and crazy, funky nails.

Sarah S.

Jessica W.

Digital Strategist

A natural planner and the ultimate organizer, Jess is one of our fearless leaders in digital strategy. She's a boss at prioritizing digital users, and loves puzzles, painting, playing with pugs, lattes and traveling.

Jessica W.

Kirk F.

Technical Lead

With a passion for all things digital, Kirk is a code master who ferociously leads the development team in daily ops, engineers back-end functionality for client websites, and manages the Designzillas’ web-hosting infrastructure—all without breaking a sweat.

Kirk F

Jonathon E.

Creative Lead

This hard-core Pittsburgh Pens fan is more than just a champion ping-pong player at Designzillas—Eicher is also one seriously skilled web designer who brings a unique level of creativity and innovation to the table. He leads the creative department in transforming project visions into truly visionary expressive media.

Jonathon E

Danielle I.

Marketing Lead

Always armed with a chai tea latte and a marketing plan, Danielle has got strategy, prioritization and goal-based decision making down to a science. She loves watching marketing and GDD work their magic for clients and supporting her team to make it all happen.

Danielle I

Jordan P.

Front-End Developer

With a strong passion for biking, playing the clarinet and making client websites just as functional as they are beautiful, Jordan is a huge asset to our front-end development team. At the office, you’ll find him building custom themes and plugins, recovering existing WordPress and Drupal websites, and much more.

Jordan P

Leisy V.

Digital Designer

This natural-born designer is a pro at knocking out wireframes, mockups, interfaces and other designs for internal and client websites—and she does it with ease. Her love for HTML, CSS, Dribbble and Sketch is only superseded by her long-standing love for dogs and giant bowls of mac and cheese.

Leisy V

Marc G.

Front-End Developer

With his impressive hot sauce collection and some mad front-end developer skills, Marc knows how to bring the heat to the dev floor! When he's not cranking out streamlined code and awesome tunes, you'll find him showing his car enthusiast side, hanging with the Orlando Subaru Group!

Marc G front end developer

Gunnar N.

Front-End Developer

Gunnar tackles any task head-on and takes our dev team to new heights (literally, he's the tallest member of the DZ tribe)! He loves exploring new web technologies, hitting the waves with his surfboard and hanging out with his dog, Bacon!

Gunnar N

Tina F.

Inbound Marketer

By day, Tina is a level 26 marketing mage with questing experience in social media, blogging and email marketing. By moonlight, she performs in a traveling singing group called Geekapella and cosplays characters from anime, video games and comic books.

Tina F

Juan S.

Digital Designer

Juan is our detail-oriented Digital Designer with a passion for exceeding client expectations and designing with impact! In his free time, he enjoys blasting Lady Gaga and exploring local bicycle trails.

Juan S

Jeffrey P.

Front-End Developer

Our snazzy Front-End Developer, Jeff, is a father of one kiddo, one doggo and three cattos. He’s currently learning to love Gutenberg and diving headfirst into React JavaScript library.

Jeffrey P

James C.

Web Designer

Music nerd, concert enthusiast and cooking hobbyist—it’s clear our Web Designer, James, has a love for the arts! When he’s not creating killer designs, you’ll find him watching horror movies, hiking or whipping up a culinary masterpiece!

James C

Kristen T.

Inbound Marketer

Kristen is an Inbound Marketer with a zeal for social media, blogging and premium content. She loves putting words to work for clients and getting things done. When she’s not at the office, you can find her with her dog, Harry, at the local dog park, or at the nearest coffee shop.

Kristen T.

Sean M.

Web Developer

Always ready to code, cook or hit up a Miami Dolphins game, Sean is our all-star Ruby on Rails Developer who’s in it to win it! When he’s not in code mode, you’ll find him park hopping at Disney or enjoying some time at the beach.

Sean M


Director of Barketing

As Director of Barketing at Designzillas, Annie is a paws-itive role model and leader of the pack around the office. When she's not greeting guests at the door with a smile (and a lick), she can be found sitting in on client calls, entertaining team members with tricks and inspecting the office for pesky lizards.



Jr. Barketing Specialist

The energetic little lady who brings no shortage of toys, kisses or joy to the office each day, Ripley's an up-and-coming barketer in the making. With a heart of gold to match her furry coat, she's got no bones to pick except the ones her mommy gives her for being good.

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