It’s intermission. We set goals in January, then the world started turning sideways eight weeks into the year and now we’re in the homestretch of 2020. Where do we go from here?

The only thing constant is change, but now more than ever that change has been amplified. 

We opened up the first physical Designzillas office in 2007. That very year, the economy tanked. That same year, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone at the MacWorld Conference in San Francisco.

person holding an iPhone on a home menu screen

The Rules Have Changed

There were many unknowns during that time as we witnessed giants falling. Shortly after, we saw eagles soaring. New businesses emerged. Forward-thinking businesses evolved. 

More than 10 years later and what feels like eons of technological iterations, the majority of successful businesses are operating much differently today. We know we can’t rely on yesterday’s home runs to win tomorrow’s ball games. But we also have to accept the new rules of engagement when dealing with a global pandemic.

We have partners who’ve dominated in their industry a decade and beyond. You’ve trusted our team and our strategies to support customer retention and winning in new markets. Winning today means building a solid brand—both online and offline. 

"As our partner, you entrust us with the big initiatives, the tiny tweaks and everything in between—that means the world to us. Through it all, it is an honor to be a part of your team." —Maddie, Account Manager

So, What’s Ahead?

Foremost, thank you for trusting us as your digital experts. Thank you for your honesty in what’s impacting you the hardest. Thank you for your direct feedback to help us get closer to solving the big challenges together. Thank you for your willingness to collaborate on the best ways to spend the time and effort on the areas that matter most.

You’ve listened to our team, discovered new insights and allowed us to follow data whenever possible. There is no defined playbook for exactly what to do during a global pandemic (if there was, there would be a mega price tag on that cheat sheet).

“The secret is to focus all your energy, not fighting the old but on building the new.” —Socrates

The only thing we can count on is change. We choose to change or we become changed. COVID-19 has changed us without a doubt, but we also have this opportunity to decide how we want to continue changing and evolving.

As your digital expert, we understand how the internet works, how users want to experience websites and how users consume content online. We understand what causes friction for visitors online and what detracts from a high-caliber user experience. This is why we have an agile process in place. Goals help us intentionally plan for desired growth, but at the same time, we must always anticipate some degree of change along the way.

"The internet is full of offers claiming to get fast results. I appreciate that our partners understand the Designzillas process and that our growth partnership is for long-term success. It truly is our pleasure to go after those goals together and help our partners measurably grow their businesses.” —Sarah, Account Manager

We helped clients navigate through the tumultuous waters during the 2007 recession. But never before did we have such a powerful tool as we do with today’s technology to stay in the game. We can communicate with existing customers. We can educate prospective customers. We can get found online for the products or services we specialize in. With limited outside exposure, the path forward is continuing to increase online exposure.

To Sum Up: Thank You

We appreciate each and every partnership we have. You are part of our tribe. It’s our Zilla promise to prioritize mental and physical health, stay focused on your goals, and give each of you the competitive advantage you deserve.

Let’s stay ferocious together!

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Kat Hughes

Director of Client Partnerships at Designzillas, Kat develops dynamic user experience strategies that allow businesses to be more effective with engaging with their customers online!

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