Ah, Valentine's Day! With all this love in the air, we got thinking — what does this day of romance have to do with conversion marketing? As it turns out, a whole lot more than you might expect! Converting a prospect into a loyal customer is a lot like a courtship. Just like wooing the object of your affection, you need to tap into their emotions and build trust. 

And the same goes for converting website visitors into paying customers. To win their hearts and wallets, you need to create an emotional connection, build trust, and make them feel special. Just like in a relationship, these are the building blocks of success.

1. Courtship: Don’t Ask For Too Much, Too Soon

Courtship in conversion marketing

Let’s look at conversion marketing through the lens of dating. When you're trying to win someone's heart, there's a period of courting. That's when you put your best foot forward and show off your best traits to convince your love interest to start a relationship with you.

And just like we might try to convince a prospective date to go out for dinner and drinks as the first step to developing a deeper relationship, conversion marketing also requires a courtship period where you need to woo your audience and make them fall in love with your brand before they take that final and most desired action (purchasing).  

Think about it this way: you wouldn’t ask someone to marry you on the first date, right? That's why your conversion marketing strategy should follow a similar approach. Nurture your website visitors and leads with the information they need, build trust, and create an emotional connection first. It's a fool-proof way to close the deal and get the girl - er, we mean, the sale.

2. Emotion: Tell Users What They’ll Gain

Two women whispering secrets

Courtship isn't enough on its own, though — to make your users fall head over heels for your brand, you need to tap into their emotions. Just like in a romantic relationship, you need to make them feel like your product or service is going to enhance their life.

What does their life look like after interacting with your brand? How does it compare to what their life would look like if they don't interact with your brand? Make it clear what they could potentially gain by converting while also showing them what they might miss out on if they pass.

3. Trust: Remove Any Obstacles in a User’s Way

pinky promise

Trust is everything in relationships — and even more so in conversion marketing. So how do you also build trust with your users while courting them and speaking to their emotional desires? 

Building trust is all about making things easy for them. You need to remove any obstacles that might be in their way and limit the need for them to think too hard about your product or service. Just like in dating, if there's too much struggle, they might not be the one for you. The same goes for navigating a complicated website filled with uncertainty.

Mistakes like using difficult-to-understand industry jargon, unclear CTAs, slow-loading pages, confusing messaging, poor UX/UI and more can all make your website visitors feel uncertain. That's why usability is key to clearing the conversion path and gaining their trust.

Make sure your website provides a seamless and user-friendly experience that makes it easy for a prospect to become a paying customer. With trust on your side, you'll have the perfect recipe for a successful conversion marketing strategy.

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So there you have it — conversion marketing really is just like a classic love story. Remember, don’t ask them to marry you on a first date, communicate how you can enhance their lives and build trust by eliminating obstacles that create barriers.

With the power of this magic love potion — courtship, emotion and trust — your conversion marketing cupid's arrows are sure to hit their target and turn those prospects into loyal customers.

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Happy Valentine's Day!

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