6 must have tools for inbound marketers

Successful inbound marketing is like a great work of art. If done correctly and with the right tools, it can make any online presence a digital masterpiece.

But what are these magical tools for success? While there are certainly many resources that savvy marketers would argue are vital for creating effective inbound marketing, we’ve found a few true must-haves that have proven time and time again to help garner results that make the difference.

The next time you open your inbound marketing toolbox, be sure to have these six essential tools within close reach:


hubspot example

Regarded as one of the world's top marketing platforms, HubSpot offers an assortment of resources that can attribute to great inbound marketing. This widely used software—that coined the term “inbound marketing”—helps attract visitors online, convert them into leads, and close customers through non-interruptive, engaging content people actually want to see. HubSpot offers incredible tools and services, such as HubSpot Email, HubSpot Social Inbox, HubSpot Blogging, and more, which have contributed to the increase in website traffic for many businesses by more than 2.5 times their usual amount.


Considered by many to be the most important tool for content marketing and SEO, BuzzSumo provides a great deal of insight, which enables users to quickly determine what content is and isn’t performing well online. It identifies what topics are best for specific industries, which gives users the ability to hone in on what people in their fields want to read. It also has a very simple, easy-to-use interface, with compelling data displays and convenient search options.


SEM rush example

An exceptional software that offers important tools for developing SEO, link-building strategies, and advertising, SEMrush is designed to assist marketing practitioners, analysts, business owners and others with executing their daily digital marketing tasks more simply and easily, while also monitoring websites’ performances. It’s ideal for finding effective keywords that work for online content as well as keywords that work for PPC, spotting technical issues on websites, tracking websites’ online rankings, and more. SEMrush also offers informative blog articles, webinars, and other helpful resources.


Ideal for guiding data-driven decisions, Optimizely offers customer experience-optimization software that allows businesses the ability to perform A/B testing, as well as multipage and multivariate testing. Essentially, it’s a way to easily measure and test a website’s performance through various forms of testing. Plus, it has a very user-friendly interface which lets you make changes to elements on websites in an instant.


google analytics example

This free tool provides a variety of tools used to measure website activity, and help individuals understand who their target audiences are and what they might be searching for. It offers everything from in-page analytics, site-speed analyses, mobile ad measurements, real-time reporting, traffic sources and much more. This tool offers a bird’s-eye view of customer interactions, helping serve current clients more effectively and attracting new ones quickly. And at no cost to users, it’s a hard bargain to pass up!

6. MOZ

Though this paid software is mostly recognized for its search engine optimization tools, it also offers The Moz Blog, which provides a great assortment of blog articles that cover topics like UX, content quality and creation, marketing strategy, and more. It also offers a helpful, information-rich video series called Whiteboard Friday, which features tips and industry news from some of the most recognized names in inbound.

When it comes to building an all-inclusive inbound marketing toolbox, these six must-haves will not only serve as your tools for success—they’ll be your weapons of mass attraction. For more information like this, visit our blog.

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