When it comes to generating leads for your business, we all know it isn’t about quantity—it’s about quality. The more we can match up with those who are the most qualified for doing business with us, the more mutually beneficial it will be for everyone.

But sometimes that’s easier said than done. While we all may have this goal in mind, we might not all know how to distinguish the bad eggs from the golden ones—and more importantly, how to attract more of the golden ones.

Here are a few tactics to put into place in order to get the qualified leads you need for ongoing success:

Offer content that is both valuable (addresses a problem or opportunity) and FREE. Whether it’s a checklist, e-book, guide, kit, SlideShare or other similar piece of premium content, make sure your offer is complimentary (demonstrating your concern for their best interest) and provides a solution to a specific problem or opportunity (demonstrating credibility). This will help ensure the right people are becoming truly qualified leads.

(Draw attention to the benefits of your offer with bold colors and graphics.)

Highlight the benefits of your offer in bullet points. It’s important to provide value to your lead. But the truth is, most people’s attention spans have dropped down to below about eight seconds—which is an extremely short time to convince someone to stay on your site. That’s why it’s important to highlight the benefits of your offer in an easily digestible way, such as bullet points, a chart, etc.

Create CTAs that count. When offering a piece of downloadable content, be very clear with what action you want your visitors to take. This prime piece of real estate is no place for clever wording or extensive explanation. It should be short, sweet and relevant, like “Download our free e-book now!”, “Sign up for our free webinar today!” or something similar.

Make your forms as short and minimalistic as possible. Your content is ready to download. Your CTA is in place. Now the only thing to wait for is the lead to fill out his/her information that’s gating the piece of content. Make sure your form is as minimally intrusive as can be. Although different business may benefit from different pieces of personal information, there’s a limit to what a lead might fill out before bouncing the page. Be sure you’re asking a minimum of their first name and email address, but not too much else right away.

(First name and email is all you need to start nurturing leads into customers.)

Be mindful that leads are in different stages of the buyer’s journey. Just because you’ve determined who your qualified leads are, doesn’t mean they were all in the same stage of the buyer’s journey when they came to you. Some may just be figuring out their options, while others may know exactly what they need but are still looking for the right company to provide it. Cater your content and be mindful of what inbound marketing tactics are right for each.

Encourage continued engagement with your brand. Once a lead has downloaded a piece of premium content, it’s important to keep them engaged in your business. Start by creating a thank-you page (which thanks a visitor for downloading your offer). On this page, include a meaningful and brand-focused message that thanks them for downloading, and has an internal link or two to other similar pages on your site. You can also encourage engagement on social media to keep the conversation going and the interaction active.

Find out what’s already converting by using tools like Leadin. Then repeat it. Leadin is a great (and free) plug-in offered by HubSpot which helps you generate new leads, as well as track valuable data about these leads. It tells you who’s coming to your site and what content they’re consuming both before and after they become leads. You can even categorize these leads based on their behavior. After you’ve driven in more conversions and gained valuable insights, you can then repeat the process and watch your online success grow.

(The Leadin pop up is a subtle way to get more eyes on your offer.)


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