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Depending on your business and industry, being a great partner can mean a lot of different things. It can mean getting completely involved in day-to-day functions, or it can mean only contributing to one aspect of your business. It can mean doing whatever the client wants, or it can mean offering suggestions for an alternative with a more beneficial solution.

At Designzillas, we have our own beliefs on what it means to be a great partner to our clients. Here are a few we try to live by every day:


Designzillas is a full-service inbound marketing agency. We know who we are and how to best serve your business through innovative inbound marketing tactics that have proven to generate great results. And while we certainly want to help clients with achieving their goals, if it means up-selling unnecessary or black-hat tactics for the sake of getting a few extra bucks versus offering what we believe is right for our clients, we will always choose the latter. We believe strongly in the power of inbound and won’t push any tactics or services that don’t fall within its scope.


seeking the right client

Similar to the previous point, we believe that the most mutually beneficial business relationship any agency can have is with a company that is truly right for what you’re selling. And while many businesses can benefit greatly from inbound marketing, there are some that just can’t. Some businesses are just structured differently and subsequently, have different needs—and that’s OK. Knowing the difference between simply providing a service and providing a service that actually helps a client reach goals and attract more visitors to their site organically is very important to us, and we’ll never compromise our integrity to try and get an extra client.


Every client has a different story. A different list of products or services. A different set of goals. And one of the best parts of our job is that we get to customize every strategy to meet each of these unique clients’ needs. But more than it is fun to do this, it’s beneficial to each client. When we have a full grasp of what each client’s goals are, what they stand for, where they are and where they want to be, we can cater specific services to each one in order to best benefit their business.


being a great partner

Another way we strive to be a great partner to our clients is digging deep to find out exactly who each individual client is and who they are as a company. There’s nothing cookie cutter about each client, and we believe our process and services shouldn’t be either. To us, being able to convey an authentic story that’s unique to each client is the difference between an excellent agency and just a good one.


One of the most important things we’ve learned about our clients is that everyone has a different preference on their level of involvement. Some wish to be copied on every email and ask for you to get their approval on everything before it’s posted, while others prefer to be less involved in the day-to-day approvals so as to have more time for doing their own tasks in their office. Some clients fall into the middle category of the two. In our opinion, all are great. We believe that our clients know their own companies best, so their involvement should be suitable for them. That’s why we also let them decide how involved they want us to be. We are flexible in providing a complete inbound marketing program or just a piece of it. Our hands-on experience allows us to utilize the inbound methodology in a way that meets each client’s specific needs so it works best for them.


One thing we’re justly proud of at Designzillas is being fully open and honest with our clients about our services and what we believe is right for their needs. But our team isn’t just honest, it’s transparent. We are dedicated to sharing both successes and missed marks, services needed and those that could be done without, and—quite frankly—whether inbound marketing is right for a business or not. To us, honesty and transparency are key elements to being a great partner.


dz customer service

Everyone loves to be treated well when paying for a product or service. Which is exactly why we strive to do that for our clients. One of the ways we do so is by offering complimentary website and HubSpot training, so you know exactly how to use/make changes to your website and the HubSpot platform for your business. Plus, if we’re able to and if it works for your business, we’ll find ways to go above and beyond for your plan so it’s as strategic (and successful) for your marketing goals.


dz team enjoying the job

As the famous Confucius saying goes, “Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.” While this might be a bit cliche for some, our team couldn’t agree more. We view our jobs as a way to have fun, express our creativity, be strategic and collaborate—all while creating marketing that works, and we believe that’s one of the best things we can offer our clients: a team that can’t wait to work on their projects.

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