Getting Your Local Business Found Online is as Easy as N-A-P.

Your NAP (Name, Address, Phone number), whether on your website or on other listing sites, needs to be consistent. If you have your address listed as “S Maple Ave” on one listing and “South Maple Ave” on another, Google will view those as inconsistent addresses.

Make sure you’re listed on all the necessary local map packs beyond Google's (Yelp, Yellow Pages, Thumbtack, Angie’s List, Foursquare, etc.) and that all of them are consistent.

NAP: Name, Address, Phone Number

The nature of your business will dictate which listings you want to partake in and which ones you don’t really need. Professional services might be more valuable listed on Thumbtack, an attraction might make more sense on Foursquare, and a restaurant would get more value from TripAdvisor.

Sites with review capabilities are even more valuable to your business, as these ratings will show up in the listings beyond the map list on your Google search.

Every business should be on Yelp, Yellow Pages, Bing and Facebook. Even though not all of these are directly Google related, Google still uses these listings as signals that confirm the validity of your local business.

And most importantly, when setting these up, use the same email!

When you have an address change or if you need to update something about your NAP, it can be a major headache to track down all the different email addresses you used to set these up. Be very meticulous when creating these listings.

Speaking of meticulous, it’s very important to maintain consistency among these listings.

InsideLocal conducted a survey of over 500 SMB owners and SEO experts and discovered that the number one ranking issue local businesses come across is Citation/NAP consistency across the web.

NAP: Name, Address, Phone Number

The next largest issue was duplicate listings on Google Places (or among other NAP listing sites).

Once you’ve confirmed all of your listing information is consistent, the next step is to remove any duplicates. This might happen if you move offices, open a new location or close a recent one.

You are probably wondering how to manage all these listings at once. We use MozLocal, but there are a reliable handful of other services that also serve the same purpose.

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