Designzillas is making big waves with the team and infrastructure to keep up with the rapid growth in 2019. We’ve focused on hiring and promoting for new roles to support the full adoption of the agile framework and align with the company’s vision to grow ferocious partnerships that last a lifetime. 

Designzillas Making Big Waves

At mid-year, the company is celebrating 130% growth in comparison to this time in 2018. We’re committed to evolving our agency to serve our client partners with the utmost value, experience and innovative solutions that our agency can offer. Through our Growth-Partnership Solution, our team has been able to establish strategic goals and execute ongoing data-driven solutions that have helped our client partners consistently reach new heights in their business. It’s a win-win relationship!

Our Agile Agency Model

Operating within monthly sprints, the Designzillas production teams have identified the ideal roles to best support our clients, production staff and users. These roles are established to ensure that there is equal focus and representation for each of these three areas of the partnership. Each of our production pods now includes the following role triforce:

  1. Project Manager - Voice of our team who supports team leadership, scheduling, budget management and overall team leadership of the production staff of the pod.
  2. Account Manager - Voice of our clients who focuses on the customer experience, communication, planning and goal setting with clients to ensure priorities and value is being met at all times.
  3. Digital Strategist - Voice of our users with the focus on driving maximum value for the customer’s user base through data-driven strategic plans, reporting and ongoing analysis. 
Team Frost Giants and Pyro

Solidifying these roles within our production pods was a critical focus for us this past quarter. Through our commitment to driving the best possible experience for our clients, people and our users, it was critical for us to hire and promote the best people possible to continue to raise the bar for our organization. 

  Team Pyro Frost Giants
Project Manager Angela Evans Amanda Wang
Account Manager Sarah Shoulak Maddie Ditmyer
Digital Strategist Jessica Warner Gage Harper

Additionally, our leadership team celebrates the promotion of Kat Hughes as the Director of Client Partnerships. With customer service and experience being such a monumental focus for our agency, we needed a ferocious leader who was committed to attracting, retaining and growing these partnerships like never before.

Kat Hughes

We Are A Digital Growth Agency

We believe in driving measurable impact for our customers. As a team of ferocious digital leaders, we aren’t here to make things just ‘look pretty’—we’re here to drive significant growth for ourselves and clients. Designzillas has shifted the brand's focus from a digital marketing agency into a digital growth agency. The focus of growth can be felt in all areas of the company, both internally and externally.

Through our commitment to growth and driving the best possible experience for our clients, people and our users it was critical for us to hire and promote the best people possible to continue to raise the bar for our organization. We believe we can make that impact as a leading digital growth agency.

Through our holistic partnerships, we can truly help leading brands dominate their online presence and achieve their growth goals together. We have introduced a solution that is lean, agile and extremely powerful in today's digital age. This Growth-Partnership Solution is designed for companies who are looking to scale their business to the next level and may be suffering from any of the following issues:

  1. Poor Brand Awareness - The brand is having trouble standing out, scaling into new markets, or differentiating their products or services.
  2. Low Website Traffic - There aren't enough visitors or potential customers reaching the website to help drive new business opportunities.
  3. Not Enough Quality Leads - Visitors aren't converting on the website and the brand isn't generating leads and/or qualified leads.
  4. Difficulty Closing Customers - Sales and marketing (smarketing) aren't unified, resulting in poor closing rates.

Our people are at the heart of all that we do. Having a passionate team unified around a shared vision and committed to this growth mentality has not only made us a more successful agency, but it’s also made it more fun. We have an amazing staff and I appreciate all that they continue to do to help make Designzillas the leading digital growth agency in the world.

Designzillas Team

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Johnny Hughes

The ferocious CEO and founder of Designzillas, Johnny is the dino-mite ringleader who helps make the company thrive.

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