dz team at creative south

This past weekend, our Zilla design team adventured to Creative South. Located in cozy Columbus, Georgia, this innovative experience brings designers, freelancers, illustrators and more together to celebrate and foster creativity! Our team met genuine artists and enjoyed creative presentations from some incredibly talented speakers. 

Take a dive into the sweet, peachy goodness that Georgia shared with our team this weekend! 

DZ takes creative south Bill Gardner presentation

Bill Gardner @logolounge

Bill Gardner is the author of Logo Trends, a yearly industry publication that filters through more than 25,000 of the best logos created in the past year to create the ultimate list of logos and trends the design industry has to offer. He also taxonomizes the logos into what become distinct industry trends – so when you think of Bill Gardner, you think of the man that literally coined the term for every one of the last decade’s logo trends. We got a few key takeaways from Bill’s session, including his list of 2018’s up-and-coming logo trends:

  1. Fatty Fades: a logo that uses thick lines of varying shades of a single color, that appear to fade away, similar to a thick gradient.
  2. Field Lines: using strokes to create negative space in the inner portion of the shape, or field lines.
  3. Responsive Logos: logos that can respond to different screen sizes, and can be compressed and compacted down.
  4. Serif Redux: after the popularity of the Stranger Things’ title font design, there has been a resurgence of serif fonts in logo designs.
  5. Parallelogram Shapes: using the parallelogram shape to modify letters, serifs, or entire words and shapes altogether.
dz takes creative south brad weaver presentation

Tara Victoria @taravictorial and Brad Weaver @sbradweaver

According to the owners of The Banner Years, Tara Victoria and Brad Weaver, there is a definitive biological link between creativity and mental illness. And unfortunately, many creatives in our field suffer from mental illnesses like depression, anxiety disorders and other similar conditions. To help with preventing, remedying and promoting awareness about these illnesses, they spoke about the importance of mental health among creatives, and how to find a better work/life balance in the design field. Here are some highlights from their presentation:

  1. “Stop comparing your bloopers to everyone else’s highlights.” Everyone makes mistakes, but all we see of others' lives are their highlights on social media. Not all moments are highlights. And that’s OK.
  2. “Go outside.” Get some time away from your computer screen and enjoy the outdoors.
  3. “Be OK with OK. Done is better than perfect.” Many designers spend hours perfecting a single design’s presentation before presenting it. You may not be able to do that, and that’s OK. At the end of the day, done is better than perfect.
  4. “Reduce your time on creative social media”. Not everything on social media is as it seems.
  5. “Kill imposter syndrome.” Imposter syndrome happens when a creative doesn’t feel like they belong, hence giving them a feeling of being an imposter. But Brad and Tara suggest to others to accept their own progress and to remember that they do belong among their peers.
  6. “Stop doing bad things to make other people happy.” Make sure not to stay up too late working, and to make sure to eat (and eat well).

For anyone interested in more information or help, they provided a resource list.

We also sat in on some great sessions from industry leaders like:

dz takes creative south Gail Anderson presentation

Gail Anderson @GailAndersonNY, designer for Rolling Stone, professor at the School of Visual Arts, author of New Modernist Type, board member for the Type Director’s Club, and award-winning designer.

dz takes creative south Jon Contino presentation

Jon Contino @joncontino, Creative Director of the studio Brand By Hand.

dz takes creative south bella and lenny presentation

And we even got some lessons on positive critiquing and how to properly prepare and empower the next generation of creatives from Hey Monkey’s Bella and Lenny Terenzi.

dz team at creative south

Experiencing Creative South is like being a dry sponge that’s thrown into an ocean of creativity. You leave feeling fully saturated with inspiration. We can’t wait to return next year and hug more necks!

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