We’re taking “New Year, New Me” to the next level in 2019 with our brand-new Zilla headquarters at 250 N Orange Ave. Suite 1250, Orlando, FL 32801. Check out the view!

Downtown Orlando Skyline View

Our new office decor was custom designed by Erica Davis at COLLECTED interior design to fit our “Work Hard, Play Hard” lifestyle. We incorporated the Zilla green throughout the entire space—always reminding ourselves to be ferocious!

Designzillas Lobby Decor

Designzillas Front Lobby

Our team has grown with each passing month. We’ve reached a whopping 20 Zillas this year and we’re not done yet! With more members on the team, we found ourselves needing quite a bit more space to fit all this creativity under one roof. Henceforth, let us introduce our epic conference room!

Designzillas Conference Room Table

Designzillas Conference Room Chairs

Fun Fact: The wooden wall in our conference room was salvaged from an old barn and actually has a bullet hole—with a real bullet inside. Honestly, you can’t get much more hardcore than that when it comes to conference rooms.

Designzillas Conference Room Wooden Wall

Something that is really important to the Zilla way of life is being able to collaborate with our teammates on the many partnerships we work on in a day. Our open layout nicknamed, “the dev floor,” has always encouraged this behavior, but we amped it up with our new fishbowl-style meeting room and cafe-style coffee counter. These are great spaces to get away from our desks and keep up the stellar work we’re doing.

Designzillas Coffee Counter

Gunnar and Johnny in the conference room

Designzillas Coffee Counter

Johnny, Danielle and Tina at the Coffee Counter

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Jordan and Gunnar working in the pod

Wideshot of the Dev Floor

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