A great team makes the company

Behind every highly successful company is a strong team of people working hard to make it so. And those teams don’t just form by happy accidents—they’re carefully selected and organized into the best combination of skill sets and personality traits.

Whether you’re seeking more people to join your current staff, starting a brand-new company or hiring an outside company to provide a service for your business, here are some things to look for in a great team:


great team qualities diversity

A great team is built on the effective collaboration between a variety of skills and personalities. Not everyone has to have the same experience or education for a company to function at its best. A good mix of introverts and extroverts, idea generators and action takers, etc., can help balance out the group and make it more well-rounded. Having this type of diversity makes it easier to come together to share new and unique plans, strategies and ideas to create something awesome.


great team qualities creativity

Another important quality to look for in a team is creativity. Though most associate this word with a more artistic or designer role, creativity can actually be found in many roles in the company that may not typically be recognized as inherently creative. A salesperson, for example, should have the ability to demonstrate his/her sales pitches or presentations in a way that is unique and more creative than their competitors. A manager or someone in a leadership position might need to find new and creative ways for their employees to execute tasks for their clients. Every person in a company should have some level of creativity, even if not in the traditional sense we might first think of.


Having emotional intelligence is essentially the ability to be aware of your emotions (and those of others) and manage them in a healthy, productive way—and it can definitely make a huge impact in the workplace. In a recent article from LinkUp, they predicted emotional intelligence to be the skill of the year in 2018. "Many leaders—including high-ranking business executives—struggle with emotional intelligence." A person’s/agency’s emotional intelligence might make the difference between whether they’d perform well with things like motivating others, showing empathy, reacting to a problem, etc. or not.


great team qualities strategy

Every team needs one or more people who understand strategy and can visualize things at a higher, more bird’s-eye level. This person/group of people should be able to come up with plans, strategies and policies that can be effectively communicated and executed easily. And when considering companies to hire for providing a service for your business, strategy is a must.


Having at least one person on your team that has an eye for detail can be a huge benefit for your business—someone who can proof materials before they’re sent to clients, someone who can point out a flawed idea in a strategy, someone who can focus on the minor things that can often get overlooked by those who naturally think more “big picture.”


Being flexible at workThis is a quality that is often overlooked. Being flexible within a role can mean many things—it could mean scrapping the project you’ve worked so hard on to start something new for a client; it could mean wearing more than one hat in your office and being expected to do tasks you don’t have a clue how to even start; it could mean staying late one week or getting in early to meet a deadline. But most importantly, it should mean that no matter what task is thrown in front of you, you can be flexible enough to take care of it, even if it means asking others for help or researching how to do it on your own time. That’s something important to look for in a great team.


Every great team needs to work hard in order to profit. But more than that, it needs to be efficient. Great teams thrive under pressure, meet deadlines, make minimal mistakes (if any), stay within budget, etc. and that’s an important quality to look for in regards to ROI.


great team qualities trust

Having a trustworthy team provides for so much of a business’ success. From trusting your team to get things done on time to providing clients the best product/service they can (and everything in between), trustworthiness is an essential quality when it comes to a great team—and thus a great company.

The bottom line is that a high-functioning team makes a high-performing company. Just like a house can only be made a home according to the people living in it, a company can only make a team according to its employees. These qualities (among many others) create a good basis to start with when seeking a great team.

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