Mock the Halls Web Design Dribble Competition hosted by Designzillas

Are you ready to Mock the Halls? 

This season our design team will be getting into to the holiday spirit by mocking up some festive designs related to the end of year holidays, but with a creative twist.

Inspired by the Mocktober Dribbble competition hosted by Elegant Seagulls, we’d like to invite all designers to join in the fun throughout the month of December. This is a great opportunity to stretch your creativity, avoid your in-laws, and compete in an epic web design competition to wrap up the year. Want to participate? All you need to do is rebound this shot on Dribbble and tag #mockthehalls for a chance to be crowned this year's Tiny Tim. Don’t Scrooge out!

Need some inspiration? Check out our team's Mocktober entries. 

Stay tuned for our team's Mock the Halls entries here on the DZ blog, and make sure to check out the festive challenge on Dribbble throughout the month!

Have any questions? Email me at, I'll be happy to help.



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