The way you’ve been redesigning your website is prehistoric. 

That might be a bold statement to start off with, but hear us out. By the time you finish reading, you’ll probably agree with us. 

Your website is your business’s digital home. Arguably, it may be even more important than your storefront. You wouldn’t wait three or four years to update your merchandise displays. Retail stores are constantly shifting the look and feel of their displays to keep things fresh and current while displaying popular items in prominent places to increase sales. So why haven’t you been applying that same thought process to your website—your 24-hour, seven-day-a-week digital storefront?

We get it. Redesigning your website is a challenging project to take on, especially if the investment of time or money isn’t there to execute it properly. This is why many websites remain unchanged for far too long. This is simply not OK in our fast-paced, Internet-dependent society where people expect a fluid experience with their favorite brands from one platform to another. Hint: this is how you market to people without them even expecting it—think Dollar Shave Club’s innovative ads or Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign. 

If your website hasn’t been updated in several years, it’s likely that it has lost its touch with your brand and customers, has technical issues, isn’t optimized for mobile and can’t effectively convert visitors into leads. Even if its performance is average or steadily increasing, it might be impossible to keep your website up-to- date with your marketing and sales efforts (a.k.a. creating that fluid experience that I was talking about a moment ago). Actually, if you don’t have the ability to make real-time updates to your website, it is impossible to create synergy between your website, your marketing and your sales initiatives. 

And that’s what we need to define—how to create synergy between the parts of your business that are focused on making you money. It starts with redefining how you maintain your website. It starts with becoming growth driven

Growth-driven Web design is the ongoing process of monitoring a website’s performance and making continuous advancements based on real data rather than assumptions—maximizing your ROI. Adopting this methodology encourages website designers and developers to work with marketing and sales teams to ensure that all promotional efforts evolve together that focus on achieving measurable outcomes.

Sounds great, right? Your next question is probably, “Well, how does it work?”

It begins with getting to know you, your business and your customers. Our strategists will work to uncover what values your brand stands for and what questions potential customers have when considering purchasing your product or service. We dig deep to learn how to connect the magic of what makes your brand unique by attracting the right types of customers to your business. Then, our team of strategists, creatives and content developers will work together to ensure your website has the right look and the right messaging to evoke the right emotions in order to position your product or service as the answer to their questions.

Traditionally, launching a website was reaching the finish line. Through our growth driven process, your website's initial launch is just the beginning. We start with your foundation website, which is based on our core brand strategy and fundamental assumptions that we make from qualitative and quantitative research and data analysis. Immediately after the launch of your foundation website, we begin tracking, measuring and learning about your user’s behavior and how we can improve the experience to maximize your website’s potential. 

We focus on improving important metrics necessary to help achieve your goals and keep your website growing and evolving to increase the overall lifetime value for your brand through A/B testing, conversion rate optimization, building new pages, developing additional features and optimizing your website for usability and performance. Additionally, our marketing team begins working to organically drive traffic to your site using inbound marketing tactics while collaborating with our Web team at the same time to ensure that all aspects of your marketing efforts are working together to reach your goals.

The Growth Driven Design Model

That’s exactly why the new way of approaching Web design—the growth-driven design model—trumps the old website design model. It adds continuous value to your website because we’ll not only design and build your website, but we’ll monitor your site’s analytics to try to get into the minds of your users, too. Then we’ll use that data to continuously and strategically update your website and marketing efforts to maximize your ROI. 

Many businesses that have jumped on growth-driven retainers have seen a revenue increase of more than 20 percent. Since their websites aren’t stagnate and can adapt to change, they essentially become extensions of their marketing and sales departments, helping convert more visitors into qualified leads. 

We want to help your business spearhead this evolutionary way of approaching the Web design process. With our digital partnership solution, you’ll not only begin working with an agency that’s dedicated to creating a legacy for your brand online, you will also be gaining a long-term partner that is committed to the growth of your business.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our account strategists. They’ll help you identify the marketing goals that you need to focus on to get more leads, close more sales and ultimately increase your ROI.

Hearing about growth-driven design for the first time? Learn more about the three pillars of GDD and how this methodology can help you solve your greatest marketing challenges.

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