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Quantity can be just as important as quality when it comes to using content to market your business. The more content you produce, the more likely you are going to see results sooner rather than later. But when you’ve depleted your arsenal of great content ideas, how do you keep coming up with them?

Here are a couple of tips to help get those creative juices flowing:


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Post to your social accounts linking to a landing page where readers can submit content they would like to see from you. People love feeling like they are contributing to a brand’s story, and this is a great way to engage with your audience and get ideas for future content. And since you’re using a landing page to receive submissions, you’ll also start building a new email list filled with people already interested in what you have to say.


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Sometimes the person who never has anything to say has some of the best ideas. Send out an email to all of your employees asking for blog or premium content ideas. Someone might have an idea they’ve been sitting on, but haven’t had the chance to tell you about it or they are afraid they might step on a few toes. Sending a quick email can get you the ideas you need while giving your employees the privacy they may want when sharing new ideas. 


Now, I’m not saying that you should go and plagiarize what your competitors are writing about. See which topics they're talking about and research these subjects to find other creative ways to join the conversation. Note what they haven’t talked about yet and craft some great content topics that fill those voids. This gives you a chance to come up with not only original ideas but also a chance to gain more authority in your industry by having an answer to a question that your competitor has yet to answer.


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The best starting point for creating a great piece of content is usually your title, but sometimes this can be the hardest part. In steps a content idea generator, like Portent’s Content Idea Generator or HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator. Enter your subject, and voila! You’ve got several titles available that will inspire you to come up with your next eye-catching headline. Some of them will be perfectly usable, while others will be a little off the wall. But who doesn’t like a good laugh during their workday anyway?


Mapping out the ideas you do have on a calendar will give you the high-level view you need to fill in holes where you need content. By looking at your content this way, you’re able to see what types of content you’re publishing, giving you an idea if you’re writing too much (or too little!) of any one type of content. While this doesn’t directly give you content ideas, it does provide a great way to stay organized—which is sometimes the best thing for creativity.

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