When it comes to posting to business blogs, there's a tendency to push that task toward the bottom of the list. Many may post a couple of times, get a few people to read it, but in the end, give up on those efforts because they don't make the desired impact on web traffic or conversion rates that they'd hoped for.

Here's what's important to know: blogging for your business can offer huge benefits to your rankings, if done correctly. As a content marketing tool, blogging requires quality, quantity and relevancy. Not only do people want to read up on your business to learn about what makes you unique, they want to know that they can come back regularly to find out more or even to peruse through your services. Before you give up on business blogging, utilize the following tactics to take yours to the next level.


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If you aren’t using keywords in your blog copy, you’re missing out on the chance to get new visitors to your site and build domain authority with search engines. Keywords play a crucial role in any inbound or content marketing strategy. Using a variety of tools, you can quickly discover what keywords are most popular in your industry.

Google Keyword Planner allows you to discover how popular certain keywords are, giving you an opportunity to rank highly for ones that are actually attainable. Soovle gives you a comprehensive view of what keywords are most popular in your industry based on terms you want to rank for. And to see how your competition is doing, SpyFu gives you a behind-the-scenes look at how your competitors’ paid and organic search campaigns are performing.


If you or your team doesn’t have time to be producing content, don’t be afraid to get outside help. There are plenty of freelancers, marketing agencies or other online services available to help you out.

Zerys is a great online service that allows you to bid out writing projects to writers with a variety of experience. And with built-in content strategy tools and editorial calendars, Zerys could potentially become your go-to platform for content marketing.


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Did you know that 94% of content with visuals get more total views than text-based content? Eye-catching images are essential to grab the attention of someone quickly scrolling through their newsfeed or keeping someone on your website for longer than a couple seconds.

Discover high-resolution imagery at Unsplash, where they upload 10 new photos to their site every 10 days that are free to use for anyone that wants them. If you need to search for something specific, check out 123RF for a great variety of images at a great price. But if you need to create something unique but don’t have the design skills to do so, sign up for Canva. Their drag-and-drop interface makes it incredibly easy for anyone to become a beginner designer.


Unfortunately, the Internet moves faster than your fingers can type. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to repurpose content that you’ve already created. Whether it’s reposting a popular blog topic on your social media platforms or turning that blog post into an informational video, this is your chance to revisit old ideas and breathe new life into them.

Don’t forget about curating content as well. Have your team spend a slow week writing blog articles, but don’t post any of them just yet. While it might seem like a waste of time at first, these blogs that you have waiting will come in handy when things get busy at the office or if your go-to writer is sick.


designzillas sharing your blog content on social

Your social media and content marketing strategies work together to drive traffic to your content and ultimately to your website. Sharing each piece of content you create to your social channels is not only a great way for your current audience to stay updated on what you’re doing, but also encourages them to share your content with their friends and family.

Don’t limit yourself to just posting blog articles though. Go ahead and post links that lead viewers directly to a landing page where they can immediately download your premium content. Because the people following you on social already know a bit about your business, it’s more likely they will fill out a form on a landing page without reading a blog first.


designzillas google analytics blog content traffic

Make it a habit to check your Google Analytics at the end of every week. See what content is pushing the most traffic to your site, if people are actually reading it, what social media platforms your Web traffic is coming from and other important statistics that will help you sharpen your content marketing strategy.

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