Conversion marketing is a methodology designed to adapt, iterate, and optimize conversion rates throughout all stages of your sales and marketing funnel.

However, many businesses don’t know what stage of the funnel they should focus on first.

In this video, we’re sharing a simple exercise that business owners and marketers can use to quickly spot the leaks in their conversion funnel and identify the gaps and opportunities that you should attack first.

Focus on the gaps and problem areas first that will yield the highest value in terms of ROI. Typically, we tend to work from the bottom up, but that all depends on your data, business, offer, and industry.

If you need any help with improving your conversion rates throughout any of these stages, give us a call. We’d be happy to help analyze your funnel together and make some recommendations on how we could turn more visitors into customers.

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Johnny Hughes

The ferocious CEO and founder of Designzillas, Johnny is the dino-mite ringleader who helps make the company thrive.

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