They say, “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” but we’re taking what we learned at the HR Transform 2019 Conference home with us!

Our Key Takeaways:

  • The formula for sustainable growth stems from staying true to your mission, values and your unique value proposition.
  • Virtual reality in HR?! Some trendy professionals are using VR in training, compliance and people management.
  • Put people first. Our team is our most valuable asset. Making sure they have what they need is of greater importance than ever.

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HR Transform 2019 human resources

This year, our office manager Lisette had the honor of being selected to attend HR Transform on behalf of Designzillas to meet with other professionals to discuss emerging trends in human resources! This year’s theme was “The Future of Work”. We took this opportunity to share what works for our team, self-reflect on which areas we can continue to grow and participate in workshops focused on the changing ways of human resources.

HR transform 2019 human resources

Building Blocks for Sustainable Growth

With “The Future of Work” in mind, many sessions this year were focused on setting the foundation for strategic growth. At Designzillas, we do this for our clients every day, so the topic really resonated with us. To start your business’s foundation:

  • Begin with crafting your mission. Include the what, how and why of the impact you are seeking to make in the world.
  • Highlight what’s unique to your organization. Thinking long term and concrete, and balancing aspirations with realistic goals, determining a unique, memorable position to differentiate your business from competitors helps to solidify how you’re perceived by both clients and employees.
  • Defining your values is key. Think about your business’s behaviors in action. Do they work together as a system? Your values should be applied equally internally and externally, ensuring they are embedded in the very heart and soul of your organization. They will serve as guiding principles during the long-term growth of your brand.

All of these puzzle pieces coming together shape the culture and people of your organization, as well as serve as a moral compass during hard times or difficult decisions. We review our mission and short- and long-term plans on a regular basis. We turn to these principles to fuel everything we do, from our culture to our work. Mission and values permeate throughout the entity of DZ.

Mr. Zilla at a human resources conference called HR Transform 2019

Emerging Trends
in Human Resources

We were elated to find that many of the top emerging trends in human resources are tactics and strategies that we currently incorporate at Designzillas! Here are a few of the top trends you should consider adopting this year:

  • Community outreach -  It’s 2019, y’all! Corporate social responsibility is not a new topic. But if you aren’t making your community a priority yet, you’re missing out on some pretty amazing, fulfilling experiences for your team.

  • Remote work capabilities - We understand the benefits of having everyone in the same room—our entire team works in an open production floor. If you can’t spare a full- or part-time remote position, we recommend having a few days each month where team members can elect to work from home. Mental health and flexible work schedules are a priority.
  • Peer mentorship - We all have opportunities to grow, and who better to learn from than your peers? Encouraging an open flow of communication between team members helps facilitate constructive feedback and overall team development.
  • Data reporting and integration - One benefit of having project managers is being able to log and track key performance indicators such as productivity. Establishing the infrastructure for these methods can help you analyze your team’s data and identify inefficiencies or areas of improvement. 
  • Mindfulness at work - This can seem like a nebulous concept at first, but mindfulness at work is all about paying attention to the present moment in an accepting and nonjudgmental way. Our words of advice? Stop chasing perfection!  
  • Tailored healthcare solutions - When it comes to healthcare, one size doesn’t fit all. Take the time to talk to your team about their healthcare priorities and what your current provider isn’t—well, providing.
  • Virtual reality for training, compliance and people management - We’ll be honest, we don’t do this...yet! But word on the street is that large tech companies are using VR during the onboarding process with new employees. Are you using it? Let us know!

The Most Important
Six-Letter Word: Talent

Our team is our most valuable asset. Not only are they the talent who produces the work that keeps us in business, but they are also our family! The team is a living reflection of our values and goals. We make it a priority that each employee hired is committed to our mission, and we trust them as experts in their respective fields. That’s why ensuring that our employees' needs are met is of the absolute greatest importance.

These needs don’t stop at just office supplies. Aside from ensuring that our team’s functional, community, career and aspirational needs are being met consistently, it’s important to check in regularly with each employee to ensure that our individual and company-wide needs are still in line with our initiatives. Then, taking the time and effort to make modifications if there are inconsistencies.

At Designzillas, we live and work by agile methodology. It’s incredibly helpful for churning out massive amounts of high-quality work at a fraction of the time. Some other agencies also do this but don’t take the time to step back and assess the feelings and temperature of the team. For us, it’s of the utmost importance. At the end of each planned month of work we complete, we have a retrospective to discuss our successes and areas of improvement.

human resources team group photo for HR transform 2019

We also facilitate quarterly reviews, one-on-ones, semi-annual and annual goal reviews to invest time back into our team member’s individual growth. To maximize confidentiality and comfort of our team, there’s also a tactic we employ of an anonymous issue form that can be submitted at any time directly to the office manager to be addressed quickly and discreetly if merited.

Our leadership team’s open-door policy helps us stay available to listen and support our team anytime they need it, in any way that we can. Ensuring that our team is happy, fulfilled and successful makes us feel the same.

In Conclusion...

Having a clear mission, goals and values sets the foundation for growing ferociously. We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with emerging trends to ensure we’re staying competitive and are able to attract and retain the best of the best—our talented experts. You can do the same by listening and proactively addressing your team’s needs. Let your organization flourish to its full potential!

Are You Ready to Grow Ferociously?

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Lisette Ortiz

As the Operations Manager at Designzillas, Lisette makes the DZ office run like a well-oiled machine, handling everything from scheduling and expenses to supplies and much more.

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