Business growth doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s a labor of love, hard work and strategic decisions. The key to maintaining continuous business growth is a steady flow of attracting and engaging leads and delighting customers as lifetime advocates of your business. We call that inbound marketing. Keep reading for our recommended inbound marketing tools to grow your business.


Inbound Marketing Tools to Attract Users

Google Analytics | Website Analysis

Price: Free
Overview: Google Analytics can help you grow your business by sharing insights about your current customers and what will attract more users like them. The tool is free to use, easy to install and includes free training courses to help you use it correctly.

Canva | Visual Content Creation

Price: Free - Premium plans available, starting at $12.95/mo.
Overview: Canva is a user-friendly web and mobile application that allows marketers (even those with little-to-no design experience) to create engaging visual content that will attract potential customers. With the premium plan, you can even create animated GIFs!

Grammarly | Written Content Creation

Price: Free
Overview: Grammarly is a free Google Chrome extension that provides spelling/grammar corrections and suggestions to improve your writing as you’re creating it. Inbound marketing is heavily reliant on content creation, so there’s no room for typos!

SEMrush | Online Presence Research

Price: Free - Premium plans available, starting at $99.99/mo.
Overview: Want to see how you stand up to the competition online? SEMrush is a tool that allows for organic-ranking analysis and site-audit capabilities to help grow your brand’s presence online. 

Rank Math | Search Engine Optimization

Price: Free
Overview: Until recently, we’ve been advocates of Yoast SEO, but we’re not afraid to admit when we find something that works better. If your site is built in WordPress, the best SEO plugin for helping your brand rise to the top of the SERP is Rank Math.

Keywords Everywhere | Keyword Research

Price: Free
Overview: Keywords Everywhere is a Google Chrome extension that displays keyword search volume right in your browser. If you’re developing a keyword strategy to maximize your site’s reach, this tool can help point you in the right direction. 


Inbound Marketing Tools to Engage Leads

Hotjar | User Experience Analysis

Price: Free - Premium plans available, starting at $89/mo.
Overview: Hotjar is a user-experience analysis tool we use to collect user data through heatmaps, surveys and screen recordings. This helps you understand how your potential customers are using your website and what improvements you should make to create an easier path for them to convert.

FlowMapp | User Journey Visualization

Price: Free - Premium plans available, starting at $15/mo.
Overview: Want to prevent your users from getting stuck in an endless loop on your website? Or, maybe you need to clearly see your marketing-automation plan before you hit publish. FlowMapp is a visualization tool you can use to map out the user journey from beginning to end.

Optimizely | User Experience Testing

Price: View Pricing
Overview: The key to conversion rate optimization is user experience testing. We use Optimizely to implement A/B testing throughout the user journey to make data-driven decisions about what best converts our visitors.

HubSpot | Marketing Hub

Price: View Pricing
Overview: If you’re truly growing your business, HubSpot is the go-to application that has it all. Marketing Hub is a feature that gives you access to pop-up forms, ad management, A/B testing and more that will help you convert more leads through your site. 

HubSpot | Sales Hub

Price: View Pricing
Overview: HubSpot’s Sales Hub allows all the features of HubSpot CRM, plus live chat, conversational bots, workflow automation and more tools you need for your sales team to close more customers.


Inbound Marketing Tools to Delight Customers

Facebook Groups | Community Building

Price: Free
Overview: With organic social engagement at an all-time low, how do you authentically connect with your audience? Facebook Groups provide a free platform to allow your brand to build a community for discussion and delight among your audience members.

Hootsuite | Social Media Management

Price: Free - Premium plans available, starting at $29.99/mo.
Overview: Want to engage with users who are talking about your brand? Social media is the new customer service. Create a free Hootsuite account for social listening, monitoring, engagement and scheduling.

Slack | Client Communication

Price: Free - Premium plans available, starting at $8/mo.
Overview: Traditionally, Slack has been used to communicate within your workplace. Have you considered creating a channel to communicate with your clients? Providing real-time customer service is a must for modern brands and a tool like this (or one your team is already using) could be your solution.

HubSpot | Service Hub

Price: View Pricing
Overview: Want a customer service tool with a little more organization? HubSpot’s Service Hub gives you more visibility and control over your customer service efforts. If you’re operating at high volumes, the automation features are especially beneficial.

Why Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is about solving problems and creating meaningful experiences for your users.

Inbound Marketing

Attract Engage Delight Attract Engage Delight 

It’s a continuous cycle that carries throughout the marketing, sales and service efforts delivered by your brand. By observing and truly understanding your users, you can deliver them the content they want, where and when they want it.

These efforts combined help nurture your users into becoming leads, then customers and ultimately, lifetime advocates of your business.

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