to inbound or not to inbound

By now, you’re probably familiar with inbound marketing and just how much it can benefit businesses online. However, what you might not be familiar with yet is the idea that inbound can actually benefit your business and solve your marketing problems.

With so much on your plate every day, it’s easy to push new marketing ideas to the side in order to complete your daily to-do list. But what you might not realize is that inbound is actually an easy, natural way to attract more of the right leads to your business. In the long run, this will save you time and money by not trying to gain leads through outdated marketing tactics.

Take a look at the ways inbound can make your marketing efforts more efficient:


inbound marketing customers ask their own questions

Inbound marketing is all about giving people the ability to make purchasing decisions on their own. Consider the questions you get asked on a weekly, if not daily, basis. Why not write blog posts that answer these questions, and post them on your social media platforms? That way people who might be interested in purchasing your product or service have easy access to the information they need, eliminating some of the phone calls and emails your business might often receive.

It may take a while for you or someone on your team to write a couple of blog posts. But a well-researched, entertaining blog post can eventually start to work for you. It can drive traffic to your website, help increase your search engine ranking, build domain authority and hopefully answer your visitors’ questions, freeing up some time in your busy schedule for other things.


inbound marketing leads find you

Wouldn’t it be great if people interested in your business just happened to stumble upon your website on a search engine results page? That’s the idea behind inbound. Creating quality content that is both user- and search-engine friendly is what will ultimately get you found on the Web.

Using white-hat SEO tactics in your blogs, Web pages, landing pages, links and more, builds your authority with search engines, making it more likely your search engine rank will rise. Carefully pick keywords that your customers are already using to search for you, and maximize their effectiveness by optimizing your content naturally with these words. This makes it more likely that someone interested in your product or service will find you and become a lead.


inbound marketing leads nurture themselves

Inbound doesn’t just attract the attention of anyone on the Web. Its goal is to find the right people who are interested in your content in order to maximize the likelihood of them becoming leads. And once an individual does become a lead, you already know they are a good one because they’ve given you their contact information in exchange for more information about your business.

You might be saying to yourself, “Well, I don’t have time to follow up with everyone who downloads my premium content.” Don’t worry. Email automation allows you to automatically start nurturing your quality leads as soon as they fill out a form on your website. While this might not seem as personal as reaching out to a prospect over the phone, smart forms and text allow you to send them into different personalized workflows based on their answers.

Along with personalized automated emails, you can also track individual prospects in customer-relationship management systems that allow you to see where they are in a workflow at all times. This gives your sales team a leading edge on closing a sale, as you’ll be able to see what type of content someone has already read, what they might be interested in purchasing from you and other valuable information.

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