Introducing a Brand New Digital Partnership Solution

Here at Designzillas, we can’t stop and won’t stop working ferociously toward redefining what your website can do for your business. We’re talking stunning visuals, attention-grabbing content and innovative marketing tactics. And we continue to hunt for digital solutions that will help your business evolve into something greater.

However, gone are the days when you could wait three to four years to update your business’s website. The traditional website redesign process is—if we may—prehistoric.

Your business is in a constant state of motion. If your marketing and sales tactics can adjust along with these changes, why can’t your website?

With the launch of our new website, we're spearheading a new era of website design through a growth-driven partnership solution. Through data-driven advancements of your website and marketing efforts, you can maximize your ROI while continuously evolving your website and marketing tactics to be in line with your sales goals—taking your business out of the stone age and into the digital age. 

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Getting to Know Your Brand and Your Customers

In order to create a website and marketing strategy for your business, first we need to dig into the farthest corners of your business to understand it as well as you do. From your biggest accomplishments to your most pressing pain points, we want to learn everything there is to know about your business to effectively communicate on your behalf. 

Additionally, we need to get to know your customers. Who are they? Why are they seeking out your product or service? What problem do they have? What are they looking to accomplish by interacting with your business? By combining what we know about your target consumer and what we know about your brand, we are able to ask ourselves, “Why?”

Why does a customer buy from your brand? And why does your brand want these customers? Once we are able to align the answers to those two questions, we’ve hit our sweet spot. Or what we like to call, the magic.

Immersing Your Customers in an Experience Through Web Design

In our digital world, customers don’t just want to purchase a product or service. They want to experience it. They want more than just the product they bought or the service they signed up for. They want to become a part of your digital community. However, we both know that they’re not going to become a part of this community without a little nudge. 

By discovering what you need to say, what customers need to see and how that ultimately is going to make them feel, we can create humanized experiences that encourage users to take a certain action. And we create this experience on your website. 

We write your content to align with what your brand needs to say and what your users want to hear. We design your graphics to clearly deliver your brand’s message and with the user’s best interest in mind. Ultimately, your website becomes an emotional experience that makes users feel that they have found the answer to their problems. 

For your business, this means that we’re building a list of contacts that are guaranteed to be interested in your product or service. But this is only the beginning. 

Ongoing Optimizations to Boost Website Performance

Once we’ve launched your website, we begin tracking its performance to set baseline metrics. These metrics include, but are not limited to: 

  1. Organic Traffic
  2. Time on Page
  3. Bounce Rate
  4. Conversion Rate

Once we have our baseline metrics (or what we like to call the metrics that matter) and understand a little bit more about how users are engaging with your site, we can begin to establish long-term goals that will enhance your brand’s digital experience. 

To reach these goals, we begin optimizing your website to continually evolve along with the ever-changing needs and wants of your potential customers. For example, if the main call to action (CTA) on your homepage isn’t converting, we can use a variety of tools to figure out why. And once we know why, we can update your homepage to optimize for conversions on that specific CTA. 

Using Closed-Loop Analysis to Create Sales and Marketing Synergy

As we continuously optimize your website, our marketing team will simultaneously be monitoring the leads that are coming in, nurturing them through the sales funnel and reporting the results to you to better understand what our efforts are doing for your business’s bottom line. 

To close the loop, we need to work with your sales team to know how many leads are actually becoming customers. And if they’re not becoming customers, we need to uncover why they’re not converting and arm your sales team with the right marketing tools to ensure success. 

This closed-loop analysis will allow us to set smart goals based on metrics such as: lead-to-customer conversion rate, percentage of marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and other similar sales metrics. Setting these goals and tracking these metrics will allow us to strengthen your brand, as we are now able to begin working together to shorten your sales funnel and increase your ROI. 

Not only does sales and marketing synergy allow us to boost your bottom line. It allows us to better understand your customers as well, adding to what we already discovered in our initial research. 

Armed with this data, we can use search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media marketing and social advertising to get your business in front of the right people at the right time, increasing the likelihood that they become an MQL as they move through your brand's experience. 

Utilizing Our Partnership to Create Your Brand’s Legacy

All of these combined allow us to increase the effectiveness of your marketing and website efforts while keeping your content fresh and interesting for both new and returning users. 

Your website is your brand’s legacy. By utilizing an ongoing website design model, you will be able to consistently enhance this legacy while sustaining the growth you need to maximize your ROI. 

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