Zillaween is Here!

And Now for the Big Reveal...

At Designzillas, we look forward to Zillaween all year. Not only for the costumes, food and festivities, but also for something that fuels our collective creativity and passion. That reason is the Mocktober competition hosted on Dribbble by Elegant Seagulls. In 2017, we took home the Goat Trophy with our H.H. Holmes the Ripper design. Now, we're back to once again accept the challenge and show off our designers' work (in the scariest fashion).

1. La Llorona

By Leisy Vidal

La Llorona is an old Latin American folkloric tale about a woman whose husband abandoned her and left her to fend alone with two kids. In a fury of rage and sadness, she drowned her two kids in the river, committing the ultimate unforgivable sin for a mother.

She was forever doomed to walk the earth eternally until she finds her children, spending the rest of her days roaming alongside roads late at night, trying to lure small children with her cries.

She was forever doomed to walk the earth eternally...

Most Llorona sightings recall her having long, dark hair, wearing a white dress and a white veil. Those who prevent her from taking small children end up having inevitable bad luck and most often than not, drowning deaths.

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Mocktober La Lloran by Leisy Vidal

2. Introducing
Symbiote and Me

By Jon Eicher

The company that summoned Knull (King of the Symbiotes) brings a groundbreaking technology that helps you extract your very own symbiote codex.

Did you know that if you have ever come in contact with a symbiote, you have trace DNA left behind that is known as a Codex? The side effects of this codex may include but are not limited to: fits of rage, death, anger, extreme strength, vomiting, ability to shoot webs out of your body, frustration, sadness, excitement, endless energy, cannibalistic tendencies and fatigue.

Side effects may include fits of rage, death, anger...

Using Reed Richards's codex extraction machine we will safely remove and store your codex for future studies. Don't have insurance? Not a problem—Mr. Kassidy takes on pro-bono cases using a slightly more barbaric method of removal that 100% ends in the loss of life.

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Mocktober Introducing Symbiote and Me by Jon Eicher at Designzillas


3. El Silbón

By Juan Sanchez

El Silbón (the whistler) is a folklore figure in Colombia and Venezuela, associated especially with Los Llanos (The Plains), described as a lost soul. The legend arose sometime in the middle of the 19th century.

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Mocktober "El Silbon" by Juan Sanchez at Designzillas


Announcing the Mocktober Champion

Want to see who won? Follow Designzillas and Elegant Seagulls on Dribbble. The winner will be announced there within the first week or two of November. Happy haunting!

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