The truth is most companies have settled for average marketing.

Your customers are online in a tornado of distractions and noise, fighting for the most valuable currency in the world — your attention.

And let’s face it, in this brutally competitive online marketplace, average isn’t going to cut it.

  • Average won’t outrank your competition on Google.
  • Average won’t make you proud to represent your brand
  • Average won’t inspire prospective customers to reach out
  • Average won’t bring in new employees
  • Average won’t cut it.

At Designzillas, we never settle for average, and neither should you.

@designzillas At Designzillas, we never settle for average — neither should you. #digitalmarketing #marketing #neversettleforaverage #inspirational ♬ Paradise - Ikson

You need to understand that the world of digital marketing is a battleground. And many of you out there have become complacent and numb to the idea that average is “good enough.” You feel OK about your marketing performance. Or consider yourself on par with your competition.

Let’s face it: you didn’t start that business, join that company or pursue this career to be average.

So let this be your wake-up call — your opportunity to make a stand against settling for average marketing. It’s your chance to commit to unleashing your brand’s potential and becoming the APEX version of yourself.

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Johnny Hughes

The ferocious CEO and founder of Designzillas, Johnny is the dino-mite ringleader who helps make the company thrive.

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