As a very pet-friendly agency (I mean, we do have our own Director of Barketing, Jr. Barketing Specialist and everything), our team knew right off the bat where we wanted to dedicate some of our time giving back to the community this year—at a local animal shelter.

After researching our options in the area, we opted for Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando—an amazing non-profit organization that operates two pet adoption centers, low-cost veterinary clinics and a variety of community outreach programs.

Designzillas Volunteering at Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando

They welcomed us with open arms, gave us a quick presentation about the organization, and got us started with an awesome arts and craft project that was almost too cute for words.

Painting with the Pups

Designzillas Volunteering – Painting With Puppies

One of our main tasks for the day was creating paw-painted masterpieces to have displayed on each of the tables at the annual Furball fundraising event, which helps raise money for the many programs available at Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando. Since they do not receive any government funding or support from the ASPCA or Humane Society of the United States, events like this are crucial to the organization’s success.

Designzillas Volunteering at Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando – Gina and Tim Painting with Buddy

Our task was to help ease the dogs into feeling comfortable enough to let us dip their paws in colorful paint (non-toxic and washable) to imprint on paper and be framed for each of the tables at the event. But this task was two-fold—not only were we creating art for the event, we were also helping the dogs get some outdoor time with personalized human interaction (one dog to six people).

Cuddling with the Kitties

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando – Leisy Holding Kitten

After our time with our canine friends, we got to spend a little time with the felines. With several dozen cats in their shelter, it was great to be able to share some one-on-one time with each cat, ranging in age from kittens to elderly cats.

Designzillas Volunteering at Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando – Petting the Cats

While visiting with the cats, we learned more about their adoption process, fostering, low-cost spay and neuter pricing, Pet Food Pantry, other ways to volunteer and contribute, and more.

Why We Chose Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando Welcome Sign

One of the reasons we chose this organization was because of their thoughtfully organized volunteer program, complete with corporate and group opportunities, youth opportunities and ongoing volunteer opportunities.

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando – Mula

Little did we know, there were so many more awesome reasons choosing Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando was a great choice. Here are a few:

  1. Their mission. Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando’s mission is clear: to educate, shelter, place, and heal pets and their families with compassionate, responsible care maintained to the highest professional standards. They have so many ways to execute this mission through volunteering, education programs, Bark University, summer camps, pet services and veterinary care.

  2. Their low-cost services. Not only does this organization offer plenty of ways to get involved, they offer low-cost wellness services that make it very affordable for pet owners to keep their furry friends healthy. These include spay and neuter operations, health exams, vaccinations, disease and parasite testing, dental care, nutrition, behavior counseling, and more.

  3. Their stats. Each year, Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando helps more than 10,000 homeless dogs and cats get the care and compassion they need to be rehomed, as well as an additional 45,000 animals to receive veterinary services.

  4. Their no-kill policy. They are also committed to a no-kill policy of any animal, no matter how long they’ve been at the center. And with a whopping 95% adoption rate at their facility, there really doesn’t need to be any euthanization.

  5. Their dedication to doing what’s best for pets. While we were do the arts and crafts project, there was one dog named Xena that had just been brought to the center the day prior. She was very nervous about this sudden change and wouldn’t stop pacing around the room. But rather than force her to come over, the Pet Alliance team was so patient with her, allowing her to take her time to release that anxiety by running and sniffing her new environment. A staff member, Candice, waited until a good moment to leash her and then allowed Candice to lead her around the room until she got used to it and the new people in it. Within 15 minutes, Xena was trusting enough to let us pet her back, which led to her licking our hands and eventually leaning her body onto our legs—a sign of trust and comfortability. By not forcing the animals into anything too quickly, it builds trust and companionship, which is a major step in preparing them for their forever homes.

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando – Xena Eating Treat

A Totally (PAW)esome Volunteer Experience

All in all, it was an incredible volunteer experience for our team. We felt so fulfilled lighting up these animals' faces, and we were even able to help get two of these furry babies adopted—Buddy and Bear (tan dog and black kitten pictured above). We can't wait to get involved with this organization again soon.

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando Building

Learn more about Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando online today, and see how you can get involved too!

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