Does your sales team utilize hard copies of marketing materials to give to potential clients after a meeting?

If the answer is yes, let me ask you a follow-up question. Do you know if those prospects actually read the information that’s left behind?

Here at Designzillas, whenever our salespeople have an issue, our marketing team jumps in to help solve the problem. For example, if prospects are having a difficult time understanding the benefits of a growth-driven design retainer, our marketing team will create content aimed at helping our sales team clear up the confusion. 

Sounds easy enough. Getting that content to be successful online AND off is the tricky part. 

Start with a Meeting

I can hear your groans from here. Another meeting?! But hear me out. Getting your sales and marketing staff in the same room can help refine your internal marketing initiatives and generate more consistent results. 

Your sales team brings prospects’ problems and pain points to the attention of marketing, and marketing brings qualified leads and areas of opportunity to the attention of sales. By bringing everyone together, you can begin generating content based on solving prospects’ problems that will be successful for both sales and marketing.

Hint: In order for this to work, that content you’re producing needs to be gated. Build a landing page with a tool like HubSpot and require users to fill out a form to get access to your awesome content.

Let that Content Ferment

Whatever content you create, let it do its thing for at least three months before making any decisions based on its performance. Make sure you’re consistently driving traffic to that content so you can get as many eyes on it as you can. Over time, it’ll start generating marketing-qualified leads for your sales team that they can go ahead and follow up with. 

While your sales team is following up with those leads, your marketing team can be working to drive traffic to that content so you can get as many eyes on it as you can. And when they’re not driving traffic to it, they can be optimizing your content based on the conversion rate of your landing page and traffic sources. 

Analyze, Print, Repeat

After three months or so, analyze the success of your content by tallying up the amount of contacts it generated (all the people that filled out the form on your landing page). If it performed well, it might be wise to print that content out and give it to your sales team to use in the field. 

If it didn’t perform well, go back to the drawing board and repeat this whole process. By using inbound marketing tactics to qualify what materials are worthy of being printed out, you can save a whole lotta money while growing your contact list. 

We’d call that a win-win.

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