We can all relate to the frustration when you're trying to quickly order food online, buy a present for a friend or book a reservation and it takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Multiply that time spent by the number of people across the web also struggling to take those actions. That’s what we measure with user experience testing.

Watch The UXperiment

We empathize with users on this all-too-common annoyance—we call it friction. Amazon has spoiled users with expedited shopping experiences. Brands that see problems and turn them into opportunities for users are winning online

As consumers ourselves, we’ve walked this walk and as digital marketers, we believe there’s a better way, and it starts with using data to make calculated design decisions. 

With that being said, our team designed a “UXperiment” to test the user experience for one of our local clients, Fun Spot America.

Making The UXperiment

  • The Challenge: Users must navigate the Fun Spot website to purchase single-day tickets.
  • The Test Variables: Original Ticket Purchase Experience vs. New Ticket Purchase Experience
  • The Constant: All subjects were in-park, current Fun Spot guests using the same iPhone.

Our Hypothesis

We hypothesized that if we could reduce the number of steps to check out for a single-day ticket (from eight clicks to five clicks), we could significantly enhance the user experience, resulting in a higher conversion rate for tickets purchased online. Watch the UXperiment video to see what happened next!

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