In-person events at Designzillas are officially back in ferocious action!

Last week we hosted our first-of-many Website Gauntlet events. What is the Website Gauntlet, you ask? It’s an immersive workshop hosted at the Designzillas headquarters that takes a deep dive into how to increase website conversions using a proven framework we use for ourselves and our clients every day. Our Website Conversion Framework is designed to speak directly to users’ pain points, build trust, demonstrate brand authority and most importantly — convert. 

Proven Framework to Boost Website Conversions

The best part is that at the end of the presentation, after everyone has had a chance to absorb the pieces of the framework, a handful of brave volunteers come to the front of the room to don  our Website Gauntlet (which has a striking resemblance to Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet) and get in “the hot seat”. These volunteers allow us to pull up their websites to (respectfully) evaluate them as a group (attendees included), providing helpful feedback based on the tactics just learned in the presentation.

This workshop has proven to be an excellent way to help business professionals — whether freelancers, full-time employees or business owners — not only learn about our framework but to immediately be able to identify gaps in their own websites and others so they know how to make it better.

Many Companies Settle for an Average Website — Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

Brutally Competitive Market – Average Won't Cut It.

Did you know: when someone visits your website, you have about three seconds to capture their attention and gain their trust before they decide to look elsewhere?

Three seconds to earn their trust and inspire them to take action. Here’s the thing: your website is your number one marketing asset. It works 24/7 for your business. It doesn’t take time off. It doesn’t require vacation. It’s there for anyone around the globe to access in seconds.

And yet, many companies settle for average. They invest in a site that’s pretty and has fun bells and whistles, but they don’t test how it works in the wild or make adjustments to the user experience as consumer behavior evolves over time.  

But average won’t cut it in this brutally competitive market, and it certainly won’t grow your business to its full potential. You're competing with billions of other online distractions, so attracting visitors and nurturing them into leads/sales is your ticket to the results you’re looking  for. The most successful websites follow a framework that builds trust, and inspires users to take meaningful action to solve their problem using your product or service.

So How Do I Build Trust With My Users?

"If people like you, they'll listen to you, but if they trust you then they'll do business with you."

Put yourself in your users’ shoes for a moment. When they search online, they’re on a quest to find a solution that matches their needs. A solution that they can directly say “I have X problem. This company’s website clearly shows me how they can help me eliminate that problem by using their product or service.”

They’re skeptical of anything that raises a red flag, destroys their trust or is just plain confusing to look at. This means we must disarm users when they visit our websites and create an experience that immediately resonates with them — again, in just three seconds or less. 

Join Us for Future Website Gauntlet Events to Unlock the Secret to Your Website’s Success

If you’re ready to boost your website conversion rate and starting raking in leads/sales like never before, attend our next Website Gauntlet Event (follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for future event dates and times to come) to learn the proven framework that can take your website (and ROI) to the next level.

Marvel's Thanos putting on the Infinity Gauntlet

Or, if you’re looking to hire an agency to handle a website refresh for you, contact us today for a free consultation. We’re ready to help you take your online presence from average to APEX. 

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