State-of-the-art equipment, flexible training facilities and a variety of meeting spaces. Florida Hospital Nicholson Center has become a go-to facility for the latest in medical training. Being a world-class medical training facility, they needed their website to showcase their brand as such. Our goal? To give Nicholson Center the best digital experience possible for both their visitors, their clients and their team. 

Use the slider below to see the before and after of the Nicholson Center website! 

Their Needs

  • A user-friendly front-end and back-end experience
  • A clean, minimalistic design
  • Reorganization of the site architecture
  • Easy facility/event planning information access for clients
  • Fast changes to their meetings and events listing 

Top Priority: User Experience

In planning for their new website, our team decided to focus on the user experience. To accomplish the goals of giving site administrators powerful back-end tools AND giving users a great experience, our team agreed that building the site in Drupal 8 would be the best option. Drupal 8 offered unique features and functions for Nicholson Center, such as robust content management and native multi-language support.

Getting Our Claws Dirty

Our Zilla team dove in to find out the pain points of both the users and administrators of the Nicholson site. We met with current and past clients, reevaluated how their pain points were being addressed and identified a simpler way to provide just what both user personas were looking for. Next, our design and development teams put their creative powers to work and unleashed a slick, modern masterpiece. 

The Results

Our team delivered a prestigious back-end platform with an intuitive front-end user experience. How did the new website perform?

  • A 34% increase in total users
  • A 41% increase in users from organic search
  • A 17% increase in total sessions
  • A 43% increase in total organic sessions

With a clean design and convenient features, the Nicholson Center site combines form and function to deliver an unforgettable experience for each user. Want a more detailed look at website redesign? View the case study here

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