Technology has vastly changed and so has the ratio of women working in the digital space.

The mostly male-dominated industry consisting of honky Gateway computers, MS-DOS programming, and dial-up connections is now just a mirage in the rearview mirror.

It wasn’t until recently that a few of our clients mentioned how surprised they were of the number of women we have on our team. After a quick ponder around the office, we agreed; we have a woman in every department at Designzillas.

women in tech orlando

In Chloe Green’s article, 10 Things You Need to Know About Women in Tech, she highlights the United Nation’s vision of 'Planet 50-50 by 2030’. With 13 years to balance the scale on women working in the technology space, we should have great confidence we have more than enough time and talent to get there.

Another interesting factoid: some of the biggest corporate players across the globe are still well below the line in having a well-balanced roster. Google, for example, reports only 20% of its tech employees being women with 48% women in non-technical positions.

Even more interesting is that 83% of Facebook's technical employees are male. It’s hard to believe less than 20% are female, yet the majority—close to 55% of social media users—are actually female.

women in tech

The Orlando Science Center has worked diligently in developing innovative and relevant curriculums (STEAM or STEM) to introduce science, technology, engineering, art and math in a fun and engaging way. A few of our educational clients—Bright Scholars Early Learning Academy, St. Luke's Lutheran School and Ladybird Academy—have been implementing these curriculums for years. This means technology and engineering are being introduced at the preschool level before gender-based career norms are assumed.

The culture of our company has always naturally connected people based on passions, whether those be gadget, gizmo or Google-related. We genuinely love all things design and keeping up with the latest and greatest in innovation. This is why we really didn’t even take notice on the diversity of our organization until clients started mentioning it.

One half of the Designzillas family is female, and if you count our two super "paw"fessional "bark"eting coordinators, we go over the 50% threshold.

While not every woman is in a classified “technology” role, we are all working together toward the common digital goals for our clients. Even better: half of the women who work at Designzillas are in positions of leadership.

women in tech orlando

We don’t need a mandate or government regulation for us to achieve this balance. By simply following the principle of placing the right people in the rights seats (the Jim Collins’ Good to Great philosophy), we’ve organically achieved a healthy gender-balanced workplace.

From design, content and project management, to office management, UX, and marketing, we’ve got the She-Power covered across all departments, bringing our best to help our clients slay their goals.

The future looks bright. We’re optimistic to see where our Zillas can roar; as technology advances and our future generations continue to innovate great ideas in the digital space.

women in tech orlando


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