Zilla Tribe at WordCamp Orlando 2017

This year, Designzillas became a Gold Sponsor for one of our favorite local conferences, WordCamp Orlando. Our designers, developers, and marketers all shared in learning some great new tips and tricks in the world of WordPress, analytics, and optimization, and also got a chance to network with some great people in our local Orlando community. Here’s a recap of some of the great things we learned at WordCamp Orlando 2017.


Aaron Reiman at WordCamp Orlando 2017

Page Builder Comparison with Aaron Reiman

Page builders provide a great way to extend the basic content editing functionality of WordPress sites. Aaron Reiman covered some of the most popular page builders used with the content management system.

  1. Gutenberg Page Builder

Gutenberg is a page builder that allows you to edit content in the WordPress backend without having to load those default popup modules. When clicking on text in the editor, you can change font colors, sizes and families from the new right sidebar editor that displays directly in-screen. This builder is more of a content editor than page builder, but it will actually be built into core in WordPress 5.0, meaning it will play a huge influence as to how WordPress content is editing in future versions.

  1. Page Builder by SiteOrigin

Page Builder by SiteOrigin is the oldest site builder around. It allows you to add rows and columns based on responsive percentage widths, making it easy to build WordPress pages. It’s free and also offers paid add-ons, but has a few downsides. There is no front-end editor like some of the other page builders, meaning all edits are done in the backend through the dashboard. You also have to install an extra widget to use images in the builder.

  1. Divi Builder

Divi Builder is another page builder that comes with a front-end editor, which allows you to edit content directly while viewing the site. Aaron’s tip is to make sure not to install the Divi Builder if you already have the Divi Theme installed because it will result in a duplicate install and generate an error.

  1. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder builder actually allows you to save global modules that you can reuse and drag into the visual front-end editor.


Adam Soucie at WordCamp Orlando 2017

Intro to Accessibility with Adam Soucie

Adam gave a great crash course on integrating accessibility on websites. When implementing accessibility, it’s important to include alt attributes for all images on your site, so that users with visual disabilities can equally experience the content on the site. When designing, make sure to use high color contrast for users with color-blindness disabilities. Also in your designs, make sure to underline your links. This is important for people with color-contrast or color-blindness issues who can’t see colored links, but can easily view the underline under textual content to indicate it’s actually clickable. Also, don’t rely on slide-based navigation. Provide alternative forms of navigation like keyboard navigation for users that can’t physically slide through content. Also, make sure to design focus states and your interface to include skip links for users using screen readers.


We also had some fun times interacting with other WordPressers in our community while tabling at our booth. We shared some great DZ Tips, met some awesome WordPressers, and interacted with some great prospects to join our DZ family.

WordCamp Orlando 2017 AttendeesNick Osler Representing DesignzillasChris Archer and our Newsletter Sign-UpWordCamp Orlando 2017 Attendees

We had an awesome time as Gold Sponsors for WordCamp Orlando and look forward to next year’s conference!

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