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One of the main tools we use here is HubSpot. If you’re not familiar with this tool, HubSpot is inbound marketing and sales software that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads and close customers. It offers an all-in-one platform to manage email marketing, social media marketing, blogging, analytics and much more.

Certifications Offered by Hubspot

What’s more is that HubSpot offers free online certifications within their online learning center called HubSpot Academy, which covers many of these topics and other areas like GDD, inbound marketing, inbound sales and other similar ones. You can take the classes (which consist of a series of short videos) and then take the test for certification. And with 75 percent correct answers, you’re certified up to a whole year!

Not only have I learned a lot about digital marketing best practices in obtaining my certifications, I’ve also been able to utilize those skills for each of our projects, from content creation to strategy and everything in between.

Here are some great certifications that HubSpot has to offer. Let’s start with all the free ones that are available to everyone.

Certification #1: Inbound Certification

Hubspot's Free Inbound Certification Course

First and foremost, start with your Inbound Certification. This is a great introduction to the Inbound Methodology and the Buyer’s Journey, and it demonstrates how to start capturing the attention of your target audience online with the goal of furthering them down the purchasing funnel. It’s great for new and seasoned digital marketers—providing definitions, examples and templates along the way. The classes are approximately 4.5 hours long and the test itself is 90 minutes.

Certification #2: Content Marketing Certification

Content Marketing Definition

At the root of every effective marketing strategy is a well-constructed content marketing plan. It’s the message your buyers and potential buyers are seeing online, so your efforts must be built with credibility, industry leadership and user experience in mind. In the Content Marketing Certification, you’ll learn all about effective storytelling, writing, building content frameworks, long-term content planning, repurposing content, promoting content and reviewing content analytics. The classes are approximately six hours long and the test is 90 minutes.

Certification #3: HubSpot Design Certification

The HubSpot Design Certification is free, but it’s important to know that this one is geared toward web designers with at least an intermediate familiarity with CSS and its application to HTML. For those individuals, it explains how to manage design files, assets code snippets and more, as well as how to create templates for different types of content that’s hosted in HubSpot. Classes are approximately 3.5 hours long and the test itself is 90 minutes.

Certification #4: Email Marketing Certification

According to a study completed in February 2017 by technology market research firm—the Radicati Group—a whopping 74 trillion emails are sent each year, which averages to 205 billion per day and 2.4 million emails per second. Needless to say, email’s not going away anytime soon.

Because of that, it’s important to keep up with the competition. HubSpot’s Email Marketing Certification helps you not only create emails that look great and read well, it will also help you deliver them at the best times, show you where to find email analytics and help you optimize your emails to get the best visibility possible.

Check out our recent Zilla Cast episode by fellow Zilla, Nick Osler, called “Getting Started in Email Marketing” (found here in the Designzillas YouTube channel), for four easy tips on getting your email marketing campaign off to a ferocious start. The classes take about 3.5 hours to complete and the test is 75 minutes.

Certification #5: Growth-Driven Design Certification

The Growth-Driven Design Certification gives an in-depth breakdown of the GDD methodology, including website strategy, how to create effective website redesigns and website optimization best practices. The classes take 13 hours and the test time is 120 minutes.

Certification #6: Inbound Sales Certification

The Inbound Sales Certification introduces you to the Inbound Sales Methodology, and helps you define potential buyers, create outreach strategies, develop personalized presentations and more. The classes take about 3 hours to complete and the test is 75 minutes long.

Other Certifications:

HubSpot doesn’t stop there. For HubSpot Customers and HubSpot Sales Users, there are even more certifications that are available to you. These include: the Growth-Driven Design Agency Certification, the HubSpot Sales Software Certification, the HubSpot Contextual Marketing Certification, the HubSpot Marketing Software Certification and the Sales Enablement Certification (coming soon), which are all available in HubSpot Academy.

Hearing about growth-driven design for the first time? Learn more about the three pillars of GDD and how this methodology can help you solve your greatest marketing challenges.

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