It's finally Zillaween!

Our favorite time of year.

One of the reasons this is such an exciting season is the Mocktober contest over on Dribbble. Hosted by Elegant Seagulls, Mocktober challenges designers to create a web design based on a creepy, spooky, or scary theme. Our designers were up to the task and entered four designs this year.


1. Johnny Hughes - The Gizmo Super Soaker

After a midnight snack, our Chief Zilla Johnny was inspired to give Gizmo a quick way to multiply and unleash an army of gremlins. Soak up this blast from the past with this Mocktober design.

Gizmo Super Soaker Mocktober Entry


2. Jon Eicher - American Ripper

Jon recently stumbled across the theory that H.H. Holmes (the most prolific killer in American history) could indeed be Jack the Ripper after watching History Channels “American Ripper”. After binging through the entire season he knew right away what his subject material was going to be for this years Mocktober. 

American Ripper Mocktober Entry


3. Brett Callaghan - Amity Island Boat Tours

Take a boat tour that’s to die for through Brett's site. After re-watching this gem of a movie, Brett knew what he wanted his Mocktober theme to be based on. Look closely you’ll find a few of the great quotes from this iconic movie.

Jaws Mocktober Entry


4. Leisy Vidal - Killer Clowns

Leisy created a clown infested video game site. However, if you start hearing squeaky clown shoes while viewing the full mockup... well, just make sure to start running. FAST.

Kiler Clowns Mockup


Thanks for checking out our killer Mocktober entries! Be sure to check out our Dribbble page to see more of our designs. Happy Halloween!

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