It’s our favorite time of the year — Zillaween!

Along with our usual costume contest and holiday festivities, Halloween means it’s time for our designers to whip up their creepiest designs. Our friends at Elegant Seagulls host a yearly design challenge called Mocktober, and our talented team has had a blast taking part for the past several years. Take a peek at their ghoulish submissions from this year!


1. Johnny Hughes — NyKill

Dead tired? NyKill is the ultimate sleep-aid solution that will kick you right into an adventurous dream state! Specially formulated by Dr. Fredrick Krueger, M.D. to ensure all of his patients get the ZZZ’s they deserve, you’ll be tossing and turning all night. 

Our Chief Zilla concocted this special formula to put the perfect spooky twist on his Mocktober entry. Check it out!

Johnny Hughes NyKill Mocktober Submission


2. Leisy Vidal — Haunted Acre Music Festival

This year, Leisy decided to get dark… real dark… and dive down deep into the pits of hell to draw her inspiration for this year’s Mocktober submission. 

Enjoy a trip to the only music festival that can satisfy your bloodthirst for the darkest, filthiest and most diabolical musical acts of the century: Haunted Acre Music Festival

Leisy Vidal Haunted Acre Music Festival Mocktober Submission


3. Jon Eicher — Kevin McCallister: A Little Game

Personalities are fluid properties that begin to develop from birth. Comprised of experiences that get stored as memories; these key moments establish expectations and reactions to stimuli. The fragility of a child's psyche leaves it vulnerable to sociopathic behavior if dramatic events occur. 

On December 22, Kevin McCallister experienced the first moment in a string of events that would change his life forever. Eicher got this idea from a fan theory stating that Kevin McCallister grows up to be Jigsaw from the SAW series! Check out this twisted psychoanalytical study of trauma and behavior

Jon Eicher Kevin McCallister: A Little Game Mocktober Submission

Thanks for checking out our team’s wicked cool Mocktober entries! We love seeing what our designers come up with each year. Head over to our Dribbble page to see more Zilla designs. Happy Halloween! 

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