Gage Harper is our keyword-rankin’, content-optimizin’, report-buildin’ wizard here at Designzillas! Extensive movie knowledge, dedication to Chipotle and enthusiasm for Halloween Horror Nights barely scratch the surface of this awesome dude's best qualities. 

We had a blast learning some fun facts about Gage in this Zilla Spotlight. Check it out! 

gage harper designzillas spotlight blog orlando marketing analyst

Office Nickname:
*sighs* "G". (Shoutout to Jordan for that one.) 

Where Were You Born? 
I’m originally from Plantation, Florida, and I spent about eight years in South Florida before moving up to Port St. Lucie. I lived there for 10 years until moving to Orlando in 2014 to attend college at the University of Central Florida.

Any Pets? 
I have a cute, yet rambunctious, Kelpie/Schipperke mixed pup named Luna. She’s a very…"unique" dog to say the least, so I had to name her Luna after my favorite Harry Potter character, Luna Lovegood. 

Favorite Type of Food: 
I grew up in an Italian household so basically anything Italian is the key to my heart. Anyone at DZ can tell you that I am an avid Chipotle enthusiast and have it for lunch nearly every day of the week, which has actually led to a tally being kept on the whiteboard in my office.

gage harper designzillas spotlight blog orlando marketing analyst

Disney or Universal?
Universal will always be my go-to park. I grew up going there and have had the same annual pass for over 14 years. I love going to Disney, too, but Universal will always hold a special place in my heart because Halloween Horror Nights is my favorite event to go to each year.

Best Marvel Movie and Why:  
Thor: Ragnarok surprised me by becoming my favorite after it was released, though it’s followed closely by Infinity War. I didn’t care for any of the Thor movies prior to it, but this one interested me since it had an 80s inspiration to it and starred a legend, Jeff Goldblum. Taika Waititi and Chris Hemsworth really reinvented the character and made a hilarious, entertaining movie that I could watch over and over.

What Are Your Favorite After-Work Activities?
I’m always looking for new movies to watch or rewatching a classic film I’ve seen a hundred times with my pup, going to Universal, and of course, in the fall, going to HHN every night.

Do You Have Any Catchphrases? 
I like to channel my inner Andy Samberg with phrases like “cool beans,” “cool, cool, cool,” and, my own word-invention, “gr88 MPH" (inspired by my favorite movie of all time, Back to the Future). 

Favorite Concert You’ve Ever Been To:
The first time I saw my favorite band, Enter Shikari, at a small venue called The Social in downtown Orlando in 2012. I had been listening to them for quite some time at that point and it was one of the wildest and most memorable shows I’ve ever seen.

gage harper designzillas spotlight blog orlando marketing analyst

We Hear You Have Some Pretty Sweet Desk Decor—Is That True?
I like to think so. I collect Funkos at home and try to keep some of my favorites in the office to keep things spooky year-round. My favorites on my desk are injured Ian Malcolm (a.k.a. Sexy Jeff) and Sam from Trick ‘r Treat.

What’s Your Go-To Productivity Playlist? 
My top two choices are the Tomorrowland (Disneyland) music or The Social Network film score.

Tell Us About Your Typical Day at Zilla HQ: 
On any given day, you can find me compiling reports for our clients, monitoring Google Ad campaigns, setting up tracking tags within Google Tag Manager, and working on anything SEO-related, from keyword planning and monitoring to being in the trenches of Google Search Console after a Google algorithm update.

What Do You Love About Marketing and Analytics? 
I’ve always been really into tracking stats on random things and running reports and functions in Excel and Google Sheets. My personality type is The Logician (INTP), which naturally makes me inquisitive and a data enthusiast. To me, analyzing marketing trends and making assumptions based on data then testing hypotheses is loads of fun. 

What’s Your Favorite Thing About Being a Zilla? 
I love having new challenges each day but never feeling pressured to know everything. I’m given every opportunity to grow my skills and learn new things. The amount of knowledge I have about the tools and elements of my job now versus before I joined DZ is astounding to me; I feel like a completely different person. Also, I love being around other awesome people who have the same drive to learn and share new things with each other.  

gage harper designzillas spotlight blog orlando marketing analyst

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