From web design to ping pong and much more in between, Jonathon Eicher is pretty ferocious at what he's most passionate about. Having just celebrated his second "Zillaversary" at Designzillas, Eicher has been a huge asset to the team, contributing to countless designs that have helped our clients achieve the digital success their businesses were made to achieve.

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We asked this all-star Zilla a few questions about himself to help give others an inside look at the real Eicher. Here are some of the highlights:

Nickname: Eicher, Eich, Eichzoid, Bude

Your Role at Designzillas: Digital user-experience designer

Hometown: A small town called Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania; population: 200

Your Perfect Pizza: Pineapple, ham and garlic salt

Industry Professional You Feel Inspired By: Ben Johnson (a.k.a Jack Dusty)

All-Time Favorite Movie: The Last Action Hero

Something You Love About Orlando: There’s never a day where you’re bored. There’s so much to do in this city that if you’re bored, then you’re doing something wrong.

Your Ideal Way to Spend a Rainy Day: Curled up on the couch with my wife (and dog "Turkey") watching Netflix

Favorite Things to Do in Your Spare Time: Going on dates with the wife, going to thrift shops, watching movies

One Person (Living or Dead) You'd Pick to Have Lunch With: I'd probably fan-girl the whole time, but Sydney Crosby from the Pittsburgh Penguins because he seems like a super down-to-earth guy that I'd love to get to know.

Favorite Place to Vacation: Palm Coast (south of St. Augustine) because the beach and the resorts there are super private and isolated

Why You Chose a Career in This Field: Early on, I was highly creative, and I learned that I excelled the most in my art classes. I wasn’t as much book smart, but I did best (and was most passionate) with more hands-on/tactile learning.

Skills You've Learned While Working at DZ: I've learned to rely on others. Here, I know I can depend on my team in areas where I’m weak to get the help that I need for a project, which is awesome.

One of Your Favorite Projects You've Worked on at DZ (and Why): Definitely Florida Hospital Nicholson Center. Because of its caliber, it was such a challenging and rewarding experience to create a design for such a large name in the local medical industry. The best part was seeing how successful the new site became for their brand and how it contributed to a lot more visibility online.

Coffee or Tea? Coffee (black)

Dogs or Cats? Dogs

Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars

What You Love Most About Being a Zilla: The family. I don't feel like I'm going from home to work and back every day—I feel like I'm going from my home to my other home, and I love that.

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