Ryan Smith, our soccer football-loving front-end developer, has a ball creating stylin’ websites for our clients. Packed with jokes and Russian fun facts, he keeps our team laughing through the week.

We had Ryan answer some questions to find out more about what he likes, what he enjoys spending time doing and even some hidden talents he has! Check out our interview with this ferocious Zilla. 

Ryan Smith Designzillas

Office Nickname: None (and it’ll stay that way)

Favorite Hobby: Toss up between tennis and driving Dorothy, my Subaru WRX

Where Were You Born? Kingston, Jamaica (yu dun know!)

Cats or Dogs? Cats. Low maintenance. Independent. And they purr, so there’s that.

Favorite Type of Food: Chinese crispy pork belly (I have some in the office fridge right now), and Jamaican jerk pork

Give Us Your Best Joke:  Two guys walk into a | (programmer joke)

Ryan Smith Designzillas

What’s Your Favorite Dev Floor Pump-Up Jam? Anything by Justin Timberlake (just to mess with Eicher)

Who’s the Best Marvel Character and Why?  Favorite character? Deadpool. For obvious reasons. But “best” character, as in most powerful? I’d have to say Legion.

Do You Have a Favorite Sports Team?  2017 English Premier League Champions, THE Chelsea Football Club (est. 1905). C’mon Chelsea!

Do You Have Any Hidden Talents? Umm, I can recite the lyrics to every Notorious B.I.G. song ever made.

Name 3 Things On Your Bucket List: 

  1. See Justin Timberlake in concert
  2. Do a ten-second quarter mile in Dorothy
  3. Become a parking ticket enforcement officer (My pet peeve is people parking where they’re not supposed to.)

Do You Have a Life Motto?   Occam’s Razor: Non sunt multiplicanda entia sine necessitate (“No more things should be presumed to exist than are absolutely necessary”). In other words, the simplest explanation or solution to a problem is usually the best one.

Ryan Smith Designzillas

What Do You Do in a Typical Day at Zilla HQ? I take designs to the next level by making them functional across devices and writing easy-to-read, extensible code. Then we throw a frisbee around for a few minutes and go home. Rinse and repeat.

What Do You Love About Being a Developer? Problem-solving. Each new project is a fresh challenge, whether it’s to do what I did before more efficiently or something entirely new. And I get to make cool stuff while I’m at it.

Favorite After-Work Activity: Besides driving home? The occasional pint of Guinness, or Scotch depending on my mood. 

What’s Your Favorite Thing About Being a Zilla? The team and the atmosphere. There’s an undeniable energy that emanates from every corner of the office that just feeds creativity and zeal. That, and the beer on tap.

Discover more about our ferocious team of Zillas by visiting our About Us page here!

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