Holiday Design Challenge: Mock the Halls 2017

Are you ready to Mock the Halls? This season our design team will be getting into to the holiday spirit by mocking up some festive designs on Dribbble. Come join in the fun and be crowned this year's Tiny Tim!

Jon Eicher

Designzilla's Mock the Halls 2017 Dribble Challenge

Holiday Design Challenge: Mock the Halls 2017

Zilla Cast Episode: How to Add Magic to Every Page of Your Website

Have you ever been to a website that had a great homepage but all of the rest of the pages fell flat? Or worse, been lost on a website that didn’t have clear organization or purpose? At Designzillas, we work to ensure that every web page on our client’s websites are designed, developed, and written in a way that incorporates a sense of “magic” within each page. 

Johnny Hughes

Website magic thumbnail

How to Add Magic to Every Page of Your Website

Zilla Cast Episode: How to Facilitate a Meeting Like a Boss

Find out how we keep our meetings productive and focused with these facilitation tips from our Team Manager, Gina Lockwood.

Gina Lockwood

Project Management

How to Facilitate a Meeting Like a Boss

Zilla Cast Episode: Why It's Time to Give Your Website a Raise

Your website is the hardest working employee on your roster. It’s time it got a RAISE!

Johnny Hughes

Website Optimization

Why It's Time to Give Your Website a Raise

Zilla Cast Episode: 4 Steps to Get Started in Email Marketing

Use email marketing alongside other inbound marketing tactics to quickly build a dedicated following.

Nick Osler

4 Steps to Get Started in Email Marketing

4 Steps to Get Started in Email Marketing

Zilla Cast Episode: Key Website Metrics To Monitor Daily

Your website is your number one marketing asset. So why wouldn't you expect to have a heartbeat of all of the key metrics associated with this investment?

Johnny Hughes

key website metrics to track daily

Key Website Metrics to Monitor Daily

9 Ways to Increase Travel Website Conversions

Recently, we discussed several tips for grabbing (and keeping!) the attention of travel prospects, as well as providing an authentic digital experience when they interact with your brand online. But how do we take that one step further to maximize efficiency?

Maddie Ditmyer

conversion rate optimization for travel websites

9 Ways to Increase Travel Website Conversion

Art-Driven Design: Combining Creativity With Data

There’s a common misconception that you need to avoid—the idea that you have to sacrifice creativity when using data to design your website. Tackling this myth requires you to take a step back and look at this battle from a broader view.

Tim Mehta

Left Brain vs. Right Brain

Combining Creativity With Data

Zilla Radio: Celebrating Our 10-Year Zillaversary

Tune in to celebrate Designzillas' 10-year Zillaversary and learn more about where we came from and where we're going in the next 10 years.

Gina Lockwood

team zillas

Zilla Radio: Celebrating Our 10-Year Zillaversary

Slaughtered Closing Rates
Tim Mehta

How we Slaughtered Closing Rates with Inbound Marketing

Launch your closing rates into hyperdrive with our latest case study that proves the power of the inbound marketing methodology using real data. 


The Real Cost of Redesigning Your Website

With the added costs of maintenance and other necessary updates, the price of redesigning your website can be much higher than originally expected.

hubspot partner agency
Danielle Irigoyen

Skip the Learning Curve! Partner with a HubSpot Partner Agency

As a HubSpot Partner Agency, Designzillas can help you master the inbound methodology and all of the HubSpot marketing software.

Chris Archer

Working With a Web Design Agency to Create a Prosperous Partnership

Develop a positive relationship with your web design agency to ensure that your experience is as simple as it is goal-oriented. 

 Redefines Your Website Value

How Being Growth-Driven Redefines Your Website Value

Learn more about growth-driven design, how it can add more value to your website and boost your ROI from Orlando-based digital creative agency, Designzillas.

Consider Before Redesigning

5 Metrics You Need to Consider Before Redesigning Your Website

Before you begin redesigning your website, take a look at your data and be sure to focus on these five metrics that can help you make key design decisions.

Finding a Web Design Agency

Finding The Right Web Design Agency for Your Company

Do your due diligence and be sure to go through a proper vetting process to ensure that the Web design agency you’re about to hire is a good fit for your business.

Celebrate Our 9th “Zilla-versary”

Win a Free Zilla Sticker in Celebration of Our 9th "Zilla-versary"!

Celebrate Designzillas’ ninth “Zilla-versary” by entering our giveaway for your chance to win a free Zilla sticker.

Drupal 6 Reaches End of Life

What it Means for Your Website Now That Drupal 6 Reaches End of Life

Drupal 6–known for making Drupal much easier to use–is no longer being supported by the Drupal community at large as of February 24, 2016.