Growing Ferociously Since 2007 Our 10-Year Challenge for 2020

In the past decade, we've had some truly ferocious wins and a few iterations of our company. Take a walk down memory lane with us and see what's to come in the new year.


Designzillas 10-Year Challenge for 2020

Our Ferocious 10-Year Challenge for 2020

Dribbble Design Challenge: Mock the Halls 2019

Santa baby, our annual Dribbble design challenge is back! Hosted by Designzillas, Mock the Halls 2019 is just what you need to get into the holiday spirit.

Jon Eicher

Mock the Halls 2019

Dribbble Design Challenge: Mock the Halls 2019

Chatbot Marketing: 3 Reasons a Chatbot Marketing Strategy Is Your Secret Sales Sauce

If you’re thinking about integrating a chatbot marketing strategy, you may have some questions about how exactly they work. Here are three reasons to start!

Kristen Tally

chatbot marketing strategy

3 Reasons a Chatbot Marketing Strategy Is Your Secret Sales Sauce

What You Need to Know: Google BERT Algorithm Update

In this article, we'll discuss what the Google BERT algorithm update really is, how it works, how it will impact search and whether or not you should optimize your content for it.

Tina Fleming

Google BERT Algorithm Update

Google BERT Algorithm Update: What You Need to Know

Zillaween 2019: Our Mocktober Dribbble Entries

At Designzillas, we look forward to Zillaween all year. One reason is the Mocktober competition hosted on Dribbble by Elegant Seagulls. Challenge accepted.

Jon Eicher

Designzillas Mocktober Dribbble Entries 2019

Our Mocktober Dribbble Entries

A Shockingly Sweet Guide to Partnering With a Digital Growth Agency

Are you looking for a frighteningly ferocious digital agency to partner with? Here's a short and sweet guide to help you make the best decision for your brand.

Kat Hughes

Halloween candy

A Shockingly Sweet Guide to Partnering With a Digital Agency

Tools of the Trade: 15 Inbound Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

Looking for inbound marketing tools to help grow your business? Here are the top tools we recommend at Designzillas (a ferocious digital growth agency).

Tina Fleming

Inbound Marketing Tools

15 Inbound Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

Using Bonusly: How We Boosted Morale With Peer-to-Peer Recognition

We implemented a peer-to-peer recognition program in 2016 and boosted our company morale. See how we did it and how you can start with your team!

Kat Hughes

peer-to-peer recognition

How We Boosted Morale With Peer-to-Peer Recognition

User Experience Testing: The UXperiment

User experience testing measures how easy it is for users to complete a desired action on your website. Watch our UXperiment video to see how user experience testing can improve your business’s conversion rate.


user experience testing

The UXperiment

Designzillas Employee Spotlight: Jon Eicher
Mr. Zilla

Designzillas Employee Spotlight: Jon Eicher

From web design to ping pong and much more in between, Jon Eicher is pretty ferocious at what he's most passionate about. Read more to learn about this fearless Web Designer, Penguins fan and just all-around awesome guy.

inbound marketing designzillas
Danielle Irigoyen

To Inbound or Not To Inbound

By now, you’re probably familiar with inbound marketing and just how much it can benefit businesses online. However, what you might not be familiar with yet is the idea that inbound can actually benefit your business and solve your marketing problems.

website optimization tips
Maddie Ditmyer

It's What's On the Inside That Counts: How to Maximize Your Website's Performance

More than 1 billion websites populate the world wide web—this total growing each second. With so much online competition, how can you maximize the potential value of your website? You have to bring it to life!

conversion rate optimization for travel websites
Maddie Ditmyer

9 Ways to Increase Travel Website Conversion

Recently, we discussed several tips for grabbing (and keeping!) the attention of travel prospects, as well as providing an authentic digital experience when they interact with your brand online. But how do we take that one step further to maximize efficiency?

Designzillas Volunteering: Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando
Danielle Irigoyen

Designzillas Volunteering: Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando

As a very pet-friendly digital creative agency, the team here at Designzillas knew we wanted to dedicate some of our time giving back to the community at a local animal shelter. Here's more about our recent visit to Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando and our awesome experience volunteering there.  

how to close leads with your website
Maddie Ditmyer

How to Close Leads and Reduce Your Phone Calls at the Same Time

As technology continues to rapidly develop and more and more people are finding information and making decisions online, there is opportunity to hire a new salesperson for closing leads: your website!

Left Brain vs. Right Brain
Tim Mehta

Combining Creativity With Data

There’s a common misconception that you need to avoid—the idea that you have to sacrifice creativity when using data to design your website. Tackling this myth requires you to take a step back and look at this battle from a broader view.

home page optimization tips
Tim Mehta

Master The First Impression: Home Page Optimization Tips

Missed our February Meetup? We discussed tips for best optimizing your website's home page. Learn how to master your first impression by checking out our Meetup recap.

How to Create Content Your Users Will Love
Danielle Irigoyen

How to Create Content Your Users Will Love

Quantity can be just as important as quality when it comes to using content marketing. The more content you produce, the more likely you are going to see results sooner rather than later. But when you’ve depleted your arsenal of great content ideas, how do you keep coming up with them?