What You Need to Know: Google BERT Algorithm Update

In this article, we'll discuss what the Google BERT algorithm update really is, how it works, how it will impact search and whether or not you should optimize your content for it.

Tina Fleming

Google BERT Algorithm Update


Google BERT Algorithm Update: What You Need to Know

Zillaween 2019: Our Mocktober Dribbble Entries

At Designzillas, we look forward to Zillaween all year. One reason is the Mocktober competition hosted on Dribbble by Elegant Seagulls. Challenge accepted.

Jon Eicher

Designzillas Mocktober Dribbble Entries 2019


Our Mocktober Dribbble Entries

A Shockingly Sweet Guide to Partnering With a Digital Growth Agency

Are you looking for a frighteningly ferocious digital agency to partner with? Here's a short and sweet guide to help you make the best decision for your brand.

Kat Hughes

Halloween candy


A Shockingly Sweet Guide to Partnering With a Digital Agency

Tools of the Trade: 15 Inbound Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

Looking for inbound marketing tools to help grow your business? Here are the top tools we recommend at Designzillas (a ferocious digital growth agency).

Tina Fleming

Inbound Marketing Tools


15 Inbound Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

Using Bonusly: How We Boosted Morale With Peer-to-Peer Recognition

We implemented a peer-to-peer recognition program in 2016 and boosted our company morale. See how we did it and how you can start with your team!

Kat Hughes

peer-to-peer recognition


How We Boosted Morale With Peer-to-Peer Recognition

User Experience Testing: The UXperiment

User experience testing measures how easy it is for users to complete a desired action on your website. Watch our UXperiment video to see how user experience testing can improve your business’s conversion rate.


user experience testing


The UXperiment

Designzillas News DZ Making Big Waves Through Rapid Growth in 2019

Designzillas is making big waves with the team and infrastructure to keep up with the rapid growth in 2019. Keep reading to learn about our next chapter!

Johnny Hughes

Designzillas Making Waves


DZ Making Big Waves Through Rapid Growth in 2019

Does Your Business Have Growing Pains? Don't Bail Before the Breakthrough

75% of people quit their workout too early. They give up and miss out on reaching their maximum performance. Don't let the same happen to your business!

Kat Hughes

break through


Don't Bail Before the Breakthrough

Zilla Award: Designzillas Named Leading B2B Company in Florida

Designzillas is thrilled to have received recognition from Clutch in the 2019 report on the top B2B companies in Florida. We pride ourselves on our partnerships!


Designzillas team


Designzillas Named Leading B2B Company in Florida

Map Styling in Drupal
Mr. Zilla

Drupal Custom Map Styling

Are you tired of seeing the same old styled Google map? With a few easy-to-configure modules and some basic Drupal know-how, you can create awesome styled maps that don't use the default Google Maps styling.

Johnny Hughes Bio

How Having a Baby Made Me a Better CEO

On July 29, 2013 my world completely changed. My wife and I were blessed to have our first child, Jude. He’s been my personal escort down this emotional roller-coaster of fear, excitement, anxiety, joy, frustration, and overwhelming love. Both of us discovering what it means to be alive. I’ve now…