Awards Recap: DZ Wins Two Silver ADDYs at 2018 Ceremony

We're excited and humbled to announce that we have been awarded TWO Silver ADDY® Awards from the American Advertising Federation for our work on the Lockbusters Escape Game and Crunchy Tech websites!


designzillas addy awards 2018

DZ Wins Two Silver ADDYs at 2018 Ceremony

Women in Web: The Ferocious Lady Zillas

It wasn’t until recently a few of our clients mentioned how surprised they were of the number of women we have on our team. After a quick ponder around the office we agreed; we have a woman in every department at Designzillas.

Kat Hughes

Women in Web: The Ferocious Lady Zillas

Women in Web: The Ferocious Lady Zillas

Zilla Cast Episode: How to Add Magic to Every Page of Your Website

Have you ever been to a website that had a great homepage but all of the rest of the pages fell flat? Or worse, been lost on a website that didn’t have clear organization or purpose? At Designzillas, we work to ensure that every web page on our client’s websites are designed, developed, and written in a way that incorporates a sense of “magic” within each page. 

Johnny Hughes

Website magic thumbnail

How to Add Magic to Every Page of Your Website

Zilla Cast Episode: Why It's Time to Give Your Website a Raise

Your website is the hardest working employee on your roster. It’s time it got a RAISE!

Johnny Hughes

Website Optimization

Why It's Time to Give Your Website a Raise

Zilla Cast Episode: 4 Steps to Get Started in Email Marketing

Use email marketing alongside other inbound marketing tactics to quickly build a dedicated following.

Nick Osler

4 Steps to Get Started in Email Marketing

4 Steps to Get Started in Email Marketing

9 Ways to Increase Travel Website Conversions

Recently, we discussed several tips for grabbing (and keeping!) the attention of travel prospects, as well as providing an authentic digital experience when they interact with your brand online. But how do we take that one step further to maximize efficiency?

Maddie Ditmyer

conversion rate optimization for travel websites

9 Ways to Increase Travel Website Conversion

Zilla Radio: Celebrating Our 10-Year Zillaversary

Tune in to celebrate Designzillas' 10-year Zillaversary and learn more about where we came from and where we're going in the next 10 years.

Gina Lockwood

team zillas

Zilla Radio: Celebrating Our 10-Year Zillaversary

10 Years in Business A Decade of Digital Dominance

Ten years ago, the web was an ugly place. Full of unsupported browsers, pop-ups, slow connections and a sea of websites that lacked purpose and personality. This was also a time when customer service in the industry was an afterthought.

Johnny Hughes

A Decade of Digital Dominance

A Decade of Digital Dominance

Zilla Radio Episode 2: Advocating for Users Over Egos Building a Website for Kanye West

This latest episode is the first of a series about working with different types of clients, and how we approach the different challenges that come with aligning ourselves and clients to a data-driven model that is all about setting the site up for users (and not ourselves) to have the best experience possible.

Gina Lockwood

User Experience

Advocating for Users Over Egos

Tourism Marketing Strategy
Danielle Irigoyen

How to Create a Memorable Digital Experience for Your Travel Website

When it comes to creating a great online experience for your website visitors, there are a ton of factors to take into consideration no matter what industry you’re in. From design and content, to functionality and formatting (and more), your visitors expect to have an exceptional digital experience…

Maddie Ditmyer

Why SEO and PPC Are Better Together

Reap the benefits of playing matchmaker—utilize PPC and SEO in tandem to work your way to the top of a SERP. 

Google Local SEO
Tim Mehta

Get Your Local Business Found on Google

With 66 percent of marketers reporting that growing their organic presence is a top priority, make optimizing for local SEO a top priority when marketing your business.

Zilla Radio
Gina Lockwood

Say Hello to Zilla Radio

Fresh off the mic and into your ears, check out the flagship episode of Zilla Radio—a Designzillas Podcast.

Danielle Irigoyen Designzillas

Zilla Spotlight: Danielle Irigoyen

Meet Danielle Irigoyen—our star content developer, grammar guru and lover of all things chocolate. She has been a Zilla since January 2015 and has customized a wide range of content for clients, including blogs, email campaigns, social media, and more. When she’s not at the DZ headquarters, you can…

Growth-Driven Design
Tim Mehta

Stop Guessing: How To Use Data to Design a Killer Website

Design a website that'll help you reach your marketing goals while keeping your user's best interest in mind. Keep reading to find out how.

increase website traffic
Danielle Irigoyen

Think “Better”, Not “More”: How to Get Traffic to Your Website the Right Way

Wondering how to get traffic to your website? A key tactic is to aim for better traffic, not just more of it. Here are some tips on how to achieve this.

growth-driven design
Danielle Irigoyen

A Series of Unfortunate (Digital) Events: What Happens When Your Website Sits Idly for Two Years

Don’t neglect your business’s need for a website redesign. Letting your website sit idly for two or more years could result in these unfortunate events.

Danielle Irigoyen

How to Manage Overly Ambitious Marketing Goals for 2017

Crafting your marketing goals for 2017? Before you get overly ambitious with your agenda, get SMART with your strategy. Here’s how.