Zilla Cast Episode: Why It's Time to Give Your Website a Raise

Your website is the hardest working employee on your roster. It’s time it got a RAISE!

Johnny Hughes

Website Optimization


Why It's Time to Give Your Website a Raise

Zilla Cast Episode: 4 Steps to Get Started in Email Marketing

Use email marketing alongside other inbound marketing tactics to quickly build a dedicated following.

Nick Osler

4 Steps to Get Started in Email Marketing


4 Steps to Get Started in Email Marketing

Zilla Cast Episode: Key Website Metrics To Monitor Daily

Your website is your number one marketing asset. So why wouldn't you expect to have a heartbeat of all of the key metrics associated with this investment?

Johnny Hughes

key website metrics to track daily


Key Website Metrics to Monitor Daily

9 Ways to Increase Travel Website Conversions

Recently, we discussed several tips for grabbing (and keeping!) the attention of travel prospects, as well as providing an authentic digital experience when they interact with your brand online. But how do we take that one step further to maximize efficiency?

Maddie Ditmyer

conversion rate optimization for travel websites


9 Ways to Increase Travel Website Conversion

Art-Driven Design: Combining Creativity With Data

There’s a common misconception that you need to avoid—the idea that you have to sacrifice creativity when using data to design your website. Tackling this myth requires you to take a step back and look at this battle from a broader view.

Tim Mehta

Left Brain vs. Right Brain


Combining Creativity With Data

Zilla Radio: Celebrating Our 10-Year Zillaversary

Tune in to celebrate Designzillas' 10-year Zillaversary and learn more about where we came from and where we're going in the next 10 years.

Gina Lockwood

team zillas


Zilla Radio: Celebrating Our 10-Year Zillaversary

10 Years in Business A Decade of Digital Dominance

Ten years ago, the web was an ugly place. Full of unsupported browsers, pop-ups, slow connections and a sea of websites that lacked purpose and personality. This was also a time when customer service in the industry was an afterthought.

Johnny Hughes

A Decade of Digital Dominance


A Decade of Digital Dominance

Zilla Radio Episode 2: Advocating for Users Over Egos Building a Website for Kanye West

This latest episode is the first of a series about working with different types of clients, and how we approach the different challenges that come with aligning ourselves and clients to a data-driven model that is all about setting the site up for users (and not ourselves) to have the best experience possible.

Gina Lockwood

User Experience


Advocating for Users Over Egos

Social Media Marketing 101: Creating Your First Facebook Ad

With 4 million advertisers and more than 1.8 billion Facebook users each month, knowing how to construct a campaign on this steadily-growing platform is a must. If you’ve never created an ad before, buckle in as we explain campaigns, ad sets and ad creation. By following this step-by-step process, you’ll soon have a Facebook ad that’s ready to attack.

Maddie Ditmyer

Facebook Advertising


Creating Your First Facebook Ad

Celebrate Our 9th “Zilla-versary”

Win a Free Zilla Sticker in Celebration of Our 9th "Zilla-versary"!

Celebrate Designzillas’ ninth “Zilla-versary” by entering our giveaway for your chance to win a free Zilla sticker.

Drupal 6 Reaches End of Life

What it Means for Your Website Now That Drupal 6 Reaches End of Life

Drupal 6–known for making Drupal much easier to use–is no longer being supported by the Drupal community at large as of February 24, 2016.

Gina Spotlight

Zilla Spotlight: Gina Lockwood

Meet Gina Lockwood, our ferocious team manager who is a master of Web design project management. 

Addy Awards

Designzillas is Honored to be 2016 Orlando Addy Award Winners

Take a look at the awards Designzillas—an Orlando-based digital creative agency—won at the 2016 Orlando Addy Awards. 

ICYMI: Explore Our New Home

ICYMI: Explore Our New Home at 500 S. Magnolia

Watch as Designzillas, Orlando-based Web design company, moves from North Orange to South Orange to 500 S. Magnolia Avenue.

Digital Agency Day

Here's What We're Tuning In To for Digital Agency Day

This Thursday, January 28, is Digital Agency Day, a virtual and in-person event hosted by Unbounce and HubSpot.

Advantage Rent a Car

Check Out Our Most Recently Launched Project: Advantage Rent a Car

Take a look at our latest Orlando website launch—Advantage Rent a Car—featuring a clean modern experience that is as powerful as it is user friendly.

UX Tips For Improving Your Landing Page

UX Tips For Improving Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

Here are a few simple tips for increasing your landing page conversion rate through UX design methodologies. 


Getting Ghoulish During Zillaween

We had a ghoulishly good time celebrating Halloween 2015 with our Zillaween costume contest!