As a leader in low-cost vehicles in the rental car industry, Advantage Rent a Car is proud to feature some of the newest fleets of cars at more than 40 locations across the country, including most major airports. The brand as a whole is committed to offering competitive rates, diverse vehicle options, effective loyalty programs and quality customer service—all at a value price point.


When Advantage Rent a Car sought out Designzillas, they expressed their need for a completely new, clean and modern website that could help increase client acquisitions, generate more reservations and create a great overall user experience. 


Our creative team eagerly jumped into the driver’s seat to design a custom-built site that not only streamlines the online payment reservation process, but also provides innovative and user-friendly features, such as a customer value segment, an instant-rewards program, an intuitive location search bar, and more. As experts in car rental marketing, our focus was to keep the site easy to navigate, yet well-stocked with information that visitors can really use to make the most of their travel experience as a whole.

Refueling the online experience for

Advantage Rent-A-Car

It started with great rental cars that were both new and affordable. What it needed was a great website to pair with it. Our team took the Advantage brand and created the right digital space to take their business into overdrive. See the finished product here.

Redesigned Advantage Website

New Design

Original Advantage Website Design

Old Design

Pairing clean design with innovative engineering for

Boosting Reservations

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Our designers and developers joined forces to produce a sleek, easy-to-navigate site that combines new and modern design with exceptional user experience—two of the qualities you’re sure to find with any rental from Advantage Rent a Car.

Custom website design & development

Car Rental Reimagined

At Designzillas, we understand that a great website design helps attract great leads to a website. But that’s only half of the equation. For Advantage Rent a Car, we knew that creating the right website design was an important part of the revamping process, but creating the best user experience possible was just as important in closing the deal for those qualified leads.

After discussing their pain points, we were able to take the site from concept to reality. Through dynamic API's to integrate international rates, codes, locations, deals, and more! One of the ways we did this was by designing and developing a completely customized, responsive website in Drupal 7, integrating an easy-to-use payment reservation tool, an instant rewards-program feature, a simple navigation menu with quick access to location and fleet information, and more.

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