Located in Celebration, Florida, just 25 minutes south of downtown Orlando, AdventHealth Nicholson Center is a world-class medical training facility that offers a wide variety of training possibilities. Combining state-of-the-art equipment, flexible training facilities and a variety of meeting spaces, Nicholson Center has become a go-to facility for the latest in medical training. Visit the live website here.


Nicholson Center approached us with a need for a more user-friendly experience on both the front and back end of the site. A clean, minimalistic hospital website design incorporating Nicholson Center's color palette was needed to create a more fluid user experience. In the same vein, the site's information architecture needed to be reorganized to allow its clients to easily get more information about the facility and get in touch with an event planner. Additionally, the staff at Nicholson Center required the ability to quickly make changes to the ever-changing list of meetings and events in the powerful content management system, Drupal 8.

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To deliver AdventHealth Nicholson Center the best digital experience, our team discovered what pain points both users and administrators were experiencing on the site. After meeting with Nicholson Center’s current and past clients, we addressed their pain points with a more simplified user experience for exploring the variety of facilities and services offered—decreasing the length of the decision-making process. Additionally, after identifying some of the frustrations Nicholson Center admins were experiencing, our development team was able to provide them with an easily navigable back-end experience that allows for quick updates to the site.

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The Nicholson Center at


It began with a world-class medical training facility. What it needed was a world-class hospital website design to accompany it. Our team took the Nicholson Center brand to the next level by creating a website that is just as friendly and hospitable as the Nicholson Center staff themselves. Visit live website here.

New AdventHealth website design

New Design

Original AdventHealth website design

Old Design

Pairing clean design with user-friendly


Homepage Design
Event Page Design
Service Page Wireframe
Services Overview
Facility Overview
Contact Page
Room Overview Wireframe
Hospital rooms design
Facility overview
Meet the team design

Our design and development teams worked together to create a slick, modern website that can be easily accessed on any device. With its clean design and convenient features, the Nicholson Center site combines form and function to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Web & UI/UX


Our team knows that a clean, user-friendly website is key to attracting qualified leads online. But we also know that the design alone can’t do everything. That’s why when creating the AdventHealth Nicholson Center website, user experience was a top priority. Built in Drupal 8, the Nicholson Center site provides administrators with powerful back-end tools while providing users with a great experience that translates to a variety of devices.

  • UX Strategy
  • Custom Website Design
  • Drupal 8 CMS Development
  • Responsive Front-end Theming

Utilizing the latest Drupal 8 content management system (CMS), the engineering team was able to deliver a prestigious back-end platform for the AdventHealth team while catering to the needs of the users through a well-crafted front-end user experience. Drupal 8 allowed for robust content management capabilities through several content types, including Events, Team Members, Rooms, Services, Facilities, Medical Training Materials, Rich Media, News and more. Drupal 8 also features native multi-language support integrated to allow for the website to be translated into 3 different languages.

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