A brand-new professional yacht services company currently voyaging in the British Virgin Islands, Atmospheres Professional Yacht Services is a two-person team that brings nearly every luxury service to the table to make vacationing in the Caribbean its finest. This dynamic duo serves as the boat’s captain, gourmet chef, master diver and tour guide, offering everything from themed dining and customized dive tours, to exclusive land activities and more.


When Atmospheres approached our team, they came with several unique challenges. First, as a startup company, they lacked branding and an online presence for their business. They wanted their tone to be true to who they are in terms of the care they take, as many of their clientele book based on the staff, not the boat. They also needed to ensure their services were displayed in a way that was unique and enticing to both the people experiencing the voyage, as well as those hiring Atmospheres for their services.

Additionally, because the nature of their business involved limited windows of communication while they were at sea, the Atmospheres team needed to ensure each checkpoint with us was as productive and on track with their vision as possible.


With each of Atmospheres’ priorities in mind, our digital creative team jumped on board and created a custom WordPress website that combines a strong user experience with a stellar overall look and feel. Using high-definition photography and video, we created some unique visual components, including an octopus pre-loader and an animated water effect on the home page to give viewers an authentic feel of being right on the waters of the Caribbean.

Through competitor research, we were able to dive deeper into the proper branding and design elements that were appropriate to their industry and market. And, by creating simple and easy navigation, users would be able to focus on the overall vision, rather than sink with an overload of information.

Charting the Excursion Route with


It all started with top-tier professional yacht services. What lacked was a premium-quality design to match. Our team saw a picture-perfect opportunity to combine the luxury of Atmospheres’ services with a great user experience that’s clean and focused. See how the new site has set sail here.

atmospheres new home page design

New Design

atmospheres wireframe design

Old Design

Prepping the Digital Deck for an

Interactive Sail

atmospheres home webpage design
atmospheres diving webpage design
atmospheres dining webpage design
atmospheres excursions webpage design

Our team joined up to create an online experience that’s just as beautiful as it is functional. With captivating imagery, simple navigation and concise information. visitors can find the information they need and take in the view all in one visit. The result? An unforgettable online experience that helps turn visitors into customers and customers into brand ambassadors.

Web & UI/UX


As a newly established business in the professional yacht services industry, Atmospheres knew that a beautiful website was necessary to showcase the beauty that came with their services. But what they also knew is that design alone wasn’t the only way to achieve a strong digital presence. It also needed thoughtfully tailored content, well-strategized user experience and an easy-to-use online booking tool.

Built in WordPress, the new Atmospheres website became an immersive digital brochure of all their incredible services. With customizable menu options, land and sea activities and more, users can enjoy a frictionless user flow to get to the information they need. And with strong calls to action placed within each section help guide users further down the purchasing funnel.

By developing this website on a solid CMS that offers a great back-end experience, Atmospheres would have the ability to easily add or replace content as necessary, and in minimal time—an important factor, as they have long periods of time without internet connection.

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