From humble beginnings in 1958 as a small cattle and poultry operation, to one of Florida’s top agriculture companies today, Bethel Farms has grown into a leading producer of cattle, citrus, sod, grass plugs and nutritional conditioner products in the state. Now with more than 100 employees working across 4,000 acres of farmland, Bethel Farms continues to expand its products and service offerings through highly strategic agricultural practices and progressive technologies that are both efficient and environmentally friendly.


When Bethel Farms came to our team, they had several challenges they needed to overcome. Not only was their previous site outdated and lacked the story behind their family-centric and lifestyle-oriented brand, but it was also difficult to keep up with on the backend, making it challenging to manage updates. Another challenge was that they wanted to ensure that the new website would cater to both B2C and B2B clients and feature e-commerce capabilities for users to easily place orders directly from the site. They also lacked a cohesive way of showcasing the technology used to produce such a wide variety of products, from mainstream to professional to niche selections.


With all of Bethel Farms’ priorities being considered, our team weeded through the challenges to find a solution that worked for their brand. Keeping design, e-commerce and UX in mind, we made an organic design in WordPress that’s almost as living and breathing as the grass itself. Taking out the middleman in the equation, our addition of e-commerce to the site allowed the Bethel Farms team to access an untapped pool of consumers and create more opportunities for business online. We also tied high-definition photography and video into the design to showcase the highly technical process used in grass production, as well as provided a more user-friendly navigation.

The Groundwork for Great User


It all started with a grade-A agriculture company. What lacked was a design to match its its high-quality products. Our team saw what was needed with the Bethel Farms website redesign and developed a visually appealing, user-friendly design that not only provided great UX, but helped lead users further down the purchasing funnel. See the new site in full harvest here.

Bethel home page

New Design

Old Bethel Home Page Design

Old Design

Creating a Design That Incites


Bethel Farms home page
Bethel Farms products page
Bethel Farms single product page
Bethel Farms media page

The creative team at Designzillas united to produce a clean, well-organized website that allows visitors to find the information they need, make direct purchases and follow a cohesive user flow. The result? A memorable online experience that keeps consumers coming back for more.

Web & UI/UX


As a leader in the agriculture industry, Bethel Farms knew that a beautiful website alone doesn’t equate to a strong digital presence. It also needed great content, a thoughtfully crafted user experience and an easy-to-use online purchasing tool.

Built in WordPress, the new Bethel Farms site became an online storefront to appease their need for a B2C resource, designed with a friction-less user flow and strong calls to action within each region to guide them further down the purchasing funnel. By developing the site on a solid CMS, Bethel Farms would have the security and reliability needed to showcase their credibility and trustworthiness online. Additionally, their new website allowed for the addition of content regions that showcased their leadership in the agriculture industry and the technology behind what they do.

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