Devised by the innovative microbiologist and ice-cream aficionado, Curt Jones, Dippin’ Dots is the result of a revolutionary freezing process combined with a twist of creativity. Now a globally recognized brand, the company offers a variety of signature treats in more than 14 flavors—available for purchasing at a variety of locations across the globe or for selling to others as a master licensee.


After speaking with Dippin’ Dots about their website needs, we concluded that the best ways to offer improvement were to create a fun, yet simple design that features helpful information about buying/selling products, presented in a way that can be well-received by people of various cultural backgrounds and nationalities.


Our creative team was hungry to join forces and deliver a website that is as unique in design as the ice cream recipes themselves. We constructed an interactive website that reflects the company’s iconic personality, showcases the various products in an easily understandable way, and offers a wealth of information for business owners who are looking to franchise. We also incorporated special features, like parallax effects and other highly interactive effects that determine the next steps based on the user’s clicks and movements.

A Tasty International Redesign For

Dippin' Dots

It started with an innovative (and yummy) new way to enjoy ice cream. What it needed was a great website for everyone to enjoy just as much. Our team took the Dippin’ Dots brand and sprinkled in the right digital components to take their business from dull to delectable. See the finished product here.


Redesigned dippin dots website

New Design

original dippin dots website

Old Design

Fun and quirky design topped off with smart


website design for dippin dots products
Dippin dots website redesign
blog design for dippin dots
about us page for dippin dots website
international website design for dippin dots

Our designers and developers teamed up to produce a colorful, easy-to-navigate website that combines a simple, yet visually exciting design with great user experience—two qualities you’re sure to find with any Dippin' Dots product.

A tasty website across the globe through this

International Redesign

Our team gets that having a great website design is an important factor in creating a strong online presence. But we also get that this is only half of the solution. In Dippin’ Dots’ case, we knew that creating a bright and colorful website design was an important part of the revamping process, but that creating the best user experience possible was equally as important in attracting customers and potential franchise owners.

  • International Website
  • Custom Website Design
  • Drupal 7 CMS Development
  • Responsive Front-end Theming

After brainstorming and crafting a plan, we were able to take the site from concept to reality.  One of the ways we did this was by designing and developing a completely customized, visual-heavy website in Drupal 7, integrating parallax, animation, an easy-to-use “Share Your Memories” tool, a user-submitted image gallery, and more.

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