Since 1994, E-Z Rent-A-Car has been providing travelers with the very best in affordable, up-to-date and conveniently located car rental services. They proudly feature some of the most up-to-date fleets available at rates that are significantly lower than its competitors—nationwide. In addition to rental car value, E-Z is also committed to helping travelers find the best places to visit in each city by offering free materials to refer to, such as city guides, blog articles, digital coupons and more.


When E-Z Rent-A-Car originally came to Designzillas, they conveyed a major need for updating their current web presence to have a sleeker look, optimizing their reservation system, and creating a more holistic experience for visitors as they plan their travels.


Our creative masterminds teamed up to create a car rental marketing strategy and design a custom-built site that really puts E-Z in the (digital) fast lane. Through the ongoing process of growth-driven design combined with a complete inbound marketing strategy, we designed their website to provide more user value through a customized reservation system, an active blog with helpful travel tips, a thoughtfully designed navigation menu and visitor flow, and more.

Accelerating Growth in Web Design & Marketing for


It started with a strong commitment to delivering the best value in the car rental industry. What it needed was a strong website to accompany it. Our team took the E-Z brand on a direct route to digital success. See the finished product here.

Redesigned E-Z Rent-A-Car website

New Design

Old E-Z Rent-A-Car website

Old Design

An Overhauled Online Experience to Drive


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Our designers and developers merged together to produce a clean, easy-to-navigate website that showcases all the value, features and added conveniences E-Z Rent-A-Car has to offer to maximize online reservations.

Online Reservation Engine Developed to Unlock the


At Designzillas, we know the important role a great website design can play in attracting leads to a website. But we also know that there’s more to it for visitors to have an exceptional user experience. For E-Z Rent-A-Car, we saw the potential there was for a stellar website to drive in traffic, but we took it a mile further.

After discussing E-Z's main pain points and priorities, our team was able shift their ideas from concept to reality. Built in the Drupal 7 CMS, the website was designed to be fully responsive, with a customized reservation system and rewards program, integration with third-party APIs, full migration of a very large user base, and more.

We helped boost car reservations through a strategic combination of inbound marketing, social media marketing, and growth-driven web design solutions.

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