Established in 2004, Florida Capital Bank has provided personal and business customers with comprehensive custom solutions to suit a variety of different financial needs. From SBA and USDA loans and commercial lending, to residential mortgages and everything in between, this trusted financial establishment has all the features and conveniences of a big bank, while having the agility and personalized service of a small one.


Florida Capital Bank reached out to Designzillas in need for an improved website design that focuses on user experience, mobile responsiveness and overall upgraded architecture. They also wanted to position themselves as a leader in the Small Business Association by showcasing their niche services (such as opening an account online) for doing banking anytime and anywhere. 


Our team worked closely with Florida Capital Bank to improve the visitor flow for segmenting users through advanced funnels with personal, business and online banking. We ensured that the website was fully responsive—making the online experience a positive one for any user on any of his/her preferred devices—and integrates well with the online banking portal. We also constructed the site on the ideology of inbound marketing to allow for future/ongoing efforts to be made in this fashion.

Creating the Evolution of Banking Web Design through

Mobile Banking

It started with a great way to bank. What it needed was a great way to display all its impressive features and online capabilities. Our team cashed in their old site and took the Florida Capital Bank brand to the next level with the perfect digital platform to demonstrate all they can do for customers. See the finished product here.

Redesigned Florida Capital Bank website

New Design

Old FL Capital bank website

Old Design

Combining clean design and development with an innovative

User Experience

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Our designers and developers worked together to produce a sleek, refined and easy-to-navigate website that combines modern design with convenient features—two qualities that ensure users have a memorable experience each time they visit.

A User-Centric Design for FL’s top

Mobile Banking Experience

At Designzillas, we understand that a great website design helps attract great leads to a website. But that’s just the half of it. When creating the Florida Capital Bank website, we knew that although an impressive design is crucial to the revamping process, great user experience is just as important for cashing in those qualified leads.

After discussing their concerns, we were able to successfully take the site from concept to reality. We developed an easy-to-use, responsive website in Drupal 7, integrating a mobile banking login feature, a form for downloading a loan comparison chart, and other user-friendly portals.

Through Inbound Marketing, our team was able to integrate premium content, HubSpot forms, and other content marketing techniques to increase top of funnel lead acquisition.

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