Dedicated to revolutionizing the farming industry through technological advances, Highland Precision Ag is an agricultural technology provider dedicated to helping farmers become precision-agriculture certified, in an effort to practice more sustainable and environmentally friendly farming while increasing consumer awareness about the challenges farmers face. When the Highland team approached us, they needed a website that could adapt to their growing business and a marketing campaign that could increase brand awareness.


When Highland Precision Ag approached Designzillas, they needed to make their mark in the agriculture industry as a brand-new company that’s dedicated to helping small to medium-sized farms. They needed a cutting-edge website that showcased their technological capabilities while remaining engaging enough that their target audiences could easily navigate the site. Along with the website, Highland needed to lay a solid foundation for ongoing marketing efforts that our team would be implementing after the launch of the website.


With all of Highland’s priorities in line, our team got to work and cultivated a visually stimulating website in WordPress that would allow for easy updates to the front-end. Two distinct audiences allowed us to create a dynamic user flow that catered to a variety of individuals, as our team was able to ensure that no user got lost along the way. A custom-built HubSpot blog allowed both farmers and consumers to learn more about the Highland brand while creating a sustainable way to build a dedicated user base. In all, the combination of high-quality imagery and strategically placed CTAs will allow Highland to unearth digital success for years to come.

Cultivating a Great User


It all started with a revolutionary way to farm. What lacked was a design to match its technological capabilities. Our team worked with Highland to sow the seeds for a website redesign that not only showcased Highland’s services but provided a great user experience for farmers and consumers. See the new site in full bloom here.

new highland home page

New Design

old highland home page

Old Design

Building a Website That


highland home page
highland services page
highland how it works page
highland precision page
highland contact page

The creative team at Designzillas joined forces to create an ever-evolving website that could evolve along with Highland’s expanding services. The result? A dynamic, easy-to-use website that caters to a wide variety of audiences.

Web & UI/UX


As a growing brand in the agriculture industry, Highland Precision Ag and our team agreed that the website needed to make a lasting first impression. In order to do that, we needed a well-crafted user experience that would help Highland reach their goals.

Built in WordPress, the new Highland Precision Ag website became a go-to source for the latest in agriculture-technology news while driving potential customers through a purchasing funnel designed to speak to their unique pain points. By developing the site in an easy-to-use CMS, the Highland team would have the ability to change the website as often as the ever-changing needs of their clients.


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