The most immersive escape room experience in Orlando, Lockbusters is a brand-new attraction on International Drive, offering a completely unique, full-sensory adventure for guests of various ages, group sizes and experience levels. With mysterious and suspenseful room experiences, including “The Collector”, “Bank Heist”, “Pirate Adventure”, “Chopper Down” and “Cremlocke Manor”, Lockbusters lets guests enjoy more than what most traditional lock-and-key escape rooms have to offer—they’re immersed in the entire themed experience.


When Lockbusters approached the Designzillas team, they came with a few main goals in mind. They knew that they needed a new website that wouldn’t just be beautifully designed, but would also showcase how immersive their game room experiences actually are in person. They wanted to ensure the booking process would be easy to use and well displayed in the navigation. Lastly, they wanted to ensure that everything would be designed with an overall steampunk theme that ties in with the Lockbusters brand.


With all of Lockbusters’ requests in mind, our team linked up and found the keys to success for a new website redesign that works well for their brand. We used slightly cleaner steampunk design elements that leaned more toward an art-deco, airship look and feel, and tied in some moving elements (flickering lights, moving gears, spinning gauge needle, etc.) to make it feel as alive and interactive as the game rooms themselves. We also ensured that the booking process was simple, easily accessible and on brand with other elements of the website.

Revealing a Completely Unique Escape Room


It all started with a totally new escape room attraction that broke the mold. What it needed was a website redesign to break the code. Our team saw what was needed to create a visually intriguing, interactive design that not only showcased their one-of-a-kind room experiences, but also helped increase conversions. Escape to the final product here.

Lockbusters new home page

New Design

Lockbusters wireframes

Old Design

An Immersive Website Design for Immersive


Lockbusters home page
Lockbusters rooms page
Lockbusters book now page
Lockbusters faqs page
Lockbusters contact page

We teamed up to create a visually remarkable, easily navigable website that fuses modern design elements with user-centric functionality. The result? A well-executed digital experience that’s as interactive as the escape rooms themselves.

Web & UI/UX


Being a leader in your industry requires more than a beautiful website—it requires one that functions the way users want it to most. And because user experience is so crucial to a website’s success, Designzillas made it a top priority when creating this new design.

Through competitor analysis, we assessed what people needed to know, what order they needed to see it in, and how they would likely be interacting with the site. We also used Bookeo—Lockbusters’ preferred online booking system—to create an easy-to-use, fully branded checkout process for users to make reservations in advance.

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