As an economic and community development organization, the Orlando Economic Partnership (the Partnership) exists to unify Orlando to create a more prosperous economy for all. Its mission is simple and brilliant: strengthen regional assets and businesses, advocate for regional priorities and write the next chapter of Orlando’s story.

Welcome in Orlando is a key part of the Partnership's mission to strengthen regional assets and businesses. "This new website is a tool for our community to support the talent recruitment efforts of our major employers as well as grow Orlando’s workforce in key areas," said Danielle Permenter, Senior Director of Regional Talent Initiatives at the Partnership. "We couldn’t be more excited about the launch of this new asset for our region."


The Partnership set their sights high with the goal of creating a new talent-recruitment website that not only showcased all that Orlando has to offer, but also brought the other half of Orlando (that many outside of the magic may not know about) into the limelight. The new website needed to serve as a helpful tool for users to weigh the benefits of living in Orlando over other major regions in the U.S., highlighting irresistible lifestyle options and a diverse network of professional opportunities in our growing talent ecosystem.


Our team couldn't wait to rise to the occasion and create a modern website that showcased all that Orlando has to offer. Keeping business goals top of mind while prioritizing an elevated user journey, we approached this challenge with the goal of modernizing the look and feel to match Orlando's vibrant culture while supporting the technical requirements through a robust site architecture.

Seamless Web Design Combined With

Intuitive Engineering

It all started with a great region. What it needed was a digital platform to highlight all it has to offer its residents. 

View the finished product now to see how we showed how Orlando is more than just a place to stay—it's a place to stay on the cutting edge. Welcome in Orlando's design and development created a website that struck a balance of imagination and engineering with handy resources like a relocation guide and a cost-of-living calculator.

Welcome in Orlando homepage

New Design

OEP old site homepage

Old Design

A Website That's

Truly User-Friendly

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Welcome in Orlando website user journey
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Welcome in Orlando homepage
Welcome in Orlando - Neighborhoods page

As an Orlando digital marketing agency, we were beyond excited to work with the Partnership to help roll out the welcome mat for our future friends and neighbors. We were inspired by the spirit and ingenuity we see every day to create a website that reflected what it means to live in Orlando.

Taking User Experience

From Concept to Reality

With world-class attractions, warm weather year-round and a thriving economy, each section of this new website answers the most important questions future residents might have about living in Orlando. Combined with powerful tools like a cost-of-living calculator and the ability to search major Orlando-based companies, visitors can now see just how much they could benefit from planting roots in the region.

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