Located in sunny Oviedo, Florida, St. Luke’s Lutheran School offers quality pre-K through middle school education that’s rooted in spiritual and developmental growth. For the past seven decades and counting, St. Luke’s students have gone on to achieve tremendous success in high school and college that’s built on security, inspiration and a well-rounded curriculum. Having produced National Merit Scholars, valedictorians, honors students, and students that place in the top 10 of their respective classes, this Christian private school is dedicated to providing opportunity to growing minds and spiritual hearts.


When St. Luke’s came to Designzillas, they had several challenges to overcome. Though they were already a well-established institution, they had some big goals for their digital presence. One main goal was to showcase a lot more high-quality imagery, and in a visually appealing way—something that lacked on their previous website. Another goal was to entice visitors to book a campus tour through the new site. They also recognized that their current site presented too much information, which provided a poor user experience. Lastly, they wanted to ensure that their new digital presence showcased benefits, not features—ensuring every parent that personal and spiritual growth was in store for children, not just an impressive program.


Keeping all of these factors in mind, the team at Designzillas had their homework cut out for them—and they were ready! After sifting through lots of helpful, meaty information, the team collaborated with St. Luke’s to help pare down the site into smaller, more bite-sized sections. These sections were strategic in displaying the many benefits of enrolling at St. Luke’s—rather than listing a series of programs that may or may not be effective for their children. Then, we created a simple, yet beautiful design that would effectively showcase all of the school’s new high-quality photography. Our team also made sure to prioritize calls to action—helping encourage parents to set up an in-person tour on the St. Luke’s campus.

Laying the Building Blocks for a Positive Online


It all started with quality Christian education. What was missing was a hands-on digital platform that matched the school’s interactive learning experience. Our team at Designzillas added up the math and saw what was needed to improve St. Luke’s online presence: a web redesign that is visually appealing, organized, user-friendly and most importantly, that encourages visitors to set up a consultation. See the new site in full development here.

St. Luke's Website Redesign

New Design

St. Luke's Website Wireframe

Old Design

Shaping Up a Design That Showcases


St. Luke's home page redesign
St. Luke's academics page redesign
St. Luke's admissions page redesign
St. Luke's athletics page redesign

The creative team at Designzillas buddied up to create a brand-new website that was more than just a source for information. It’s a clean, enticing digital space that allows parents and potential students alike to get excited about their education, all within a smart, well-structured user flow. The result? A memorable online experience that’s even better than recess.

Web & UI/UX


Reaching its 70th year in existence, and as a well-established institution, St. Luke’s knew that a pretty website alone wouldn’t directly translate to a strong digital presence. It would also need concise, helpful and valuable content, a well-strategized user experience, and an enticing way to encourage potential students and their families to set up a campus tour.

Built in WordPress, the new St. Luke’s website became an invaluable resource for parents and students to utilize. By reducing the amount of content into smaller, more useful resources, as well as clean up the site’s navigation, update imagery and effectively showcase all open houses, tuition assistance and other important information, St. Luke’s would be able to prove their credibility, organization and trustworthiness online. Additionally, their new website allowed for a much easier and more effective way to schedule a consultation—a major priority for the St. Luke’s team.

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